By Chuck Baldwin
May 10, 2012


Let me start with a story. A man who had survived the great Johnstown flood died and went to Heaven. And not long after, all of the inhabitants of Heaven were allowed to take center stage and tell everyone about the most significant event that had happened to them while on Earth. The man couldn’t wait to tell everyone about his surviving the great Johnstown flood. After a long wait in line, it was finally his turn. The man was so excited to tell everyone his story. But just as he was climbing the stairs to the platform, an angel leaned over to him and whispered, “Don’t forget; Noah is in the audience.”

I am reminded of that story when I read the Scriptural passage in Hebrews 12: “Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses.” The witnesses the Apostle speaks of are the great champions who have gone on before us, which are mentioned in chapter eleven. Included by implication in the great “Hall of Faith” of Hebrews 11 are the three young Hebrews: Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego (verse 34, “Quenched the violence of fire.”)

So, what was it that got these three young men included in this list that along with the likes of Abraham, Moses, and David? You’ll find their story in Daniel chapter three. In a nutshell, they refused to bow down to the image of the king. In other words, THEY DISOBEYED A CIVIL GOVERNMENT THAT HAD BECOME TYRANNICAL. And for refusing to submit to the king, they were thrown into a burning fiery furnace.

Come to think of it, many of the people named in the Hebrews 11 “Hall of Faith” got there because of civil disobedience. Speaking of Moses, the Scripture says, “By faith he forsook Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king.” So, when did Moses forsake Egypt? When he killed the Egyptian taskmaster who was beating a Hebrew slave to death. That’s when!

Rahab is also mentioned in this Biblical “Hall of Faith.” Who was Rahab, and what did she do? She was a prostitute who lied to government soldiers and helped the Hebrew spies escape the city of Jericho. Gideon, Barak, Samson, and Jephthae are also listed. Who are they, and what did they do? They were men who led armed rebellions against oppressive governments to which they had been subject.

Daniel is inferred in Hebrews 11 when it says, “Stopped the mouths of lions.” What did he do? He refused to submit to his civil government when commanded to not pray aloud (for only thirty days). And for refusing to submit to his government, he was cast into a den of hungry lions. Yes, God delivered Daniel from the lions and the three young Hebrews from the burning furnace of fire. But the point is, they each DISOBEYED civil government, and God brags on them for it in Hebrews 11.

So, what are all these “Romans 13-ers” going to say to Daniel, Moses, and Gideon when they get to Heaven? What are they going to say to Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego? What are they going to say to those men who “overthrew kingdoms” (Heb. 11:33), “waxed valiant in combat” (vs. 34), and “turned to flight . . . armies”? (Armies are government-sanctioned, government-supported, government-ordered entities–vs. 34.)

I cannot count the number of times I have heard some TV or radio preacher say something to the effect, “Well, I’m glad we were given freedom here in the United States, but our Founding Fathers were wrong to rebel against the British Crown. According to Romans 13, they should have submitted to King George.” Barf! Gag! Spit! What hypocrisy!

To all of the Romans 13 Pharisees out there, I say, if you are really going to believe and preach that garbage, at least be honest enough to stop celebrating Independence Day on July 4. It was the day when men became traitors to Great Britain and officially declared a revolutionary war. And stop flying the Stars and Stripes in your church auditoriums. It was the flag of rebellion. How dare you say America’s founders violated Romans 13 in one breath and with the next breath say you thank God for the freedom that was purchased AT THE SACRIFICE OF THE BLOOD OF THE MEN YOU SAY VIOLATED ROMANS 13! Pardon me, but I just cannot think of anything that is more hypocritical than that!

And remember this about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego: it was AFTER they disobeyed their king and were thrown into the furnace of fire that they met the Son of God. It was King Nebuchadnezzar who said, “I see four men loose . . . the fourth is like the Son of God.” (Daniel 3:25)

Think about it: where did Moses meet the Lord? In the wilderness by a burning bush after he had defied Egyptian tyranny by killing an Egyptian taskmaster who was beating a Hebrew slave to death. Where did Gideon meet the Lord? In a threshing floor as he willowed his grain in defiance of evil civil authority. When did Stephen meet the Lord? When political and religious leaders were stoning him to death for refusing to submit to their iniquitous injunctions. And think of this, too: where did the Lord Jesus meet man? On a bloody Roman cross–being placed there by the civil and religious rulers of His day.

Most Christians today are looking to meet the Lord in a heated or air conditioned church sanctuary with padded pews and ornate windows, with an orchestra playing and a choir singing, and fried chicken waiting for them after the service. But that’s not where you’re going to find the Fourth Man.

When you resist the religious Pharisees who are trying to intimidate and coerce you into submitting to their legalism and tyranny, then you will see the Fourth Man. When you resist the power establishment that demands that you accept their politically correct philosophies and ideologies, then you will see the Fourth Man. When you refuse to be bought, bribed, or bullied by the “good old boy” network that seeks to control you, then you will see the Fourth Man. When you resist your family and friends who try to shame you into abandoning the principles of liberty and freedom that God, Himself, has planted in your heart, then you will see the Fourth Man. When you are threatened and persecuted and you say, “I must obey God rather than men,” then you will see the Fourth Man.

Do you really think you’re going to find the One who went to a bloody cross in a meadow of roses? The only roses He knew were the ones whose thorns were smashed on his skull. You won’t find him in a garden, unless it’s the Garden of Gethsemane. You’ll find the One who went to the Cross in the same place that Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego found Him: in the Burning Fiery Furnace.

God said told us that when we pass through the floodwaters, and when we walk through the fire, we would find Him to be with us. (Isaiah 43:2)

Of course, let me be careful to say that real Christians are peacemakers. They desire to live a quiet and peaceable life with their neighbors, their civil authorities, and even with other nations. They readily recognize and respect lawful, God-ordained authority. But, at the same time, they will not surrender that which is holy and give it to swine! They absolutely will not become toadies for unlawful government that attempts to usurp the God-given authority and jurisdiction to which it has been divinely assigned!

I am often reminded of this quote from Mahatma Gandhi: “There are, I am sorry to say, many Temples in our midst in this country which are no better than brothels.”

Gandhi’s quote could be said of many so-called churches in America today, for they, too, have become little more than glorified brothels that pimp for the government. “Submit! Obey! Don’t resist!” they constantly preach. I wonder what they will say one day to Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego?

P.S. Let me wish all of our wonderful mothers out there a very Happy Mother’s Day! I thank God for my mother. I wish she were still here, so I could personally tell her that I love her.

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Illinois Bishop Compares Obama Actions to Hitler’s – ABC News

Illinois Bishop Compares Obama Actions to Hitler’s – ABC News.

GO! Bishop Jenky; This Catholic Bishop is exactly on target.

Peoria Bishop Daniel Jenky said during a Sunday homily at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Peoria that Obama is following previous governments that “tried to force Christians to huddle and hide only within the confines of their churches.”

“Hitler and Stalin, at their better moments, would just barely tolerate some churches remaining open, but would not tolerate any competition with the state in education, social services and health care,” the (Peoria) Journal Star and Chicago Tribune quoted Jenky as saying during the homily. “In clear violation of our First Amendment rights, Barack Obama — with his radical, pro-abortion and extreme secularist agenda — now seems intent on following a similar path.”

The article does have many errors made by its author, to include their assertion that: “Federal law prohibits churches and other tax-exempt nonprofits from endorsing or opposing specific political candidates, but churches are allowed to engage in a wide range of political activities and the IRS rarely revokes a church’s tax-exempt status.”

Actually, federal law prohibits 501(c)3 corporations from making such statements, and many churches have been duped into believing that they “must” become federal entities in order to have a tax exempt status.  In truth, churches are exempt whether they claim that status or not.

I submit it is time for all churches to REJECT their 501(c)3 status and claim their tax-exempt status under the Constitution and natural law.   History will show that the Church needs to serve God rather than mammon and SPEAK now on the corruption in government.

You Might Be a Tax Protestor Part 4

If you question your sanity when you receive that first threatening letter from the IRS.

Whop, whop, whop.

I always loved the sound of a UH-1. The two large blades made a very distinctive “whop” sound as they beat the air into submission.

That sound was the only thing I enjoyed about the Huey anymore after hundreds of training missions in them. And the fact that I slept well in them. It’s hard to explain, but the frequency of all that junk spinning around just resonated with my body, so my routine was set; buckle up, rifle down, eyes closed, sleep.

Euzeb Thibodeaux was Cajun through and through from his name right down to his love for food; hardly a summer went by since boot camp that we didn’t spend time by the pool with an ice chest full of beer and pot of “mud bugs” boiling with potatoes and corn. We had become close over the years, one of those rare people I called friend, although I really knew he was my best friend. He was named after his great grandfather and although he was proud of the history behind the name, he despised being tormented over it. I started calling him “Emeril” after our first cookout.

We had done this mission so many times that it simply fast-forwarded through my mind each time we launched. After fast roping onto the roof, Emeril would set up the spotting scope towards the compound across the street. The rest of the team would head down the stairs through the roof access door and execute their carefully rehearsed mission while we provided high cover.

“What the…”

It’s hard to describe the first time being shot at. Even when you are trained and prepared for it your reaction is unpredictable. One thing is for certain, you don’t forget it. I remember Hillary Clinton talking about “mis-remembering” her experience in Bosnia. It must be true because we all know that politicians never lie; I, however, can never forget my first experience.

I think it is impossible not to look in the direction of the sound. I don’t know if it’s part of the “fight or flight” instinct, our natural curiosity, or just because we are inherently stupid; whatever the reason, I looked across the courtyard and saw the brief flash from the scope in a window.

The second shot had a distinctively different sound; the zing was dulled by a thump; I locked my rifle into my shoulder and asked Emeril for the range to target.

“Range to target?”

“Range to target?”

I spotted my target, and it looked like he was about to move, so I took aim and fired.

“Come on Emeril, you need to give me that ranging data quicker than that.”

I couldn’t recognize him anymore; his face was imploded and most of the back of his head was scattered behind us on the roof. I thought I was going to be sick. I always thought I loved my job. This was the first time I ever questioned my sanity.

As you were sitting back enjoying the IMAX, the IRS eventually pushed the gurney into the room and hooks the IV up; and it’s not for a B-Complex injection, but rather the lethal injection. They are a humane bunch, though, and inject you with something to immobilize you first.

The IRS must have an entire section devoted solely to letter writing. They use a plethora of form letters designed to manipulate the recipient into responding in the appropriate manner. My guess is that the Chief Letter Writer is a psychiatrist who specializes in psychological warfare. His executive officer is almost certainly an attorney. Between the two of them they develop a plan to delude, deceive, threaten and coerce; they rarely fail.

The IRS’s first communication with a potential tax protestor is always a cordial one.

“Hello, Beloved. I am always so happy to receive your letters annually on April 15th. Much to my surprise I missed your letter this year. As you well know, my spirits leap with joy whenever I hear from you, so I have decided to wait until August 15th. I will keep the light on in anticipation of your next letter, love forever, IRS.”

After the automatic extension, the tone of the letters begins to change.

“Dear Friend, I am so worried, not having heard from you these many months. I fear that something terrible has happened to you, or worse. Please write soon, I am worried sick, call if you can, faithfully yours, IRS.”

“My Dear Thomas, I have heard through friends that you have met someone else. I felt it appropriate to write you directly to see if this were true. I simply refuse to believe that you would willingly dismiss me after so many years. Call me immediately; I am sure we can work this out. Sincerely yours, IRS.”

Up to this point, the IRS has made the general presumption that you merely forgot or overlooked filing and paying. For them, the worse case would be an inability to pay, but even then they are willing to work with you. Promise them several of your children, provide a few locks of hair and some vials of blood, and they will agree to a payment plan. At some point if you continue, however, there will be distinct change in the character of the communications.

“Dear Mr. Stevens. It has come to my attention that you ARE unfaithful. You should know that if you renew your vows to me I will agree to remove your picture from the post office. IRS”

Now the IRS makes it pretty clear that they KNOW what you are doing. They make a variety of assertions: “we have determined the position you are taking is frivolous.” “You have refused to pay what you owe.” And my favorite; “we have included the important pamphlet ‘Why you have to pay taxes’.” But, at some point, you push them over the edge and you get a very important letter titled: IMPORTANT.

“Guilty Bastard. I filed a lien against your life and existence. Don’t even try to challenge it because I have pictures of the Judge in drag.”

At this point, you have been referred to “enforcement” and the IRS starts ratcheting up the pressure. In typical Mafioso fashion, the Service starts by handcuffing you to the chair. The infamous “Notice of Federal Tax Lien” is proudly delivered to your door. The IRS is really proud of this particular document, so much so they generally insist upon delivering it themselves. They would like to think they are complying with some sort of requirement in doing so, but since the NOFTL is a total crock it is unlikely that they are doing anymore than poking around your house to see if you have anything worthwhile for them to steal.

It is important to note also that the IRS will try to maintain the illusion of legitimacy by offering you a Collection Due Process hearing. I always laugh at the name of this process; and I always feel like I am being offered a fair shake (due process) when I take a grievance committed by a snake into a den of vipers to be judged by a cobra. Everyone involved with the process is an IRS employee, and they have a history of impartial actions. But don’t despair; you can also contact the “Taxpayer Advocate” because these fairness warriors are, well, advocates for the taxpayer; by the way, they also work for the IRS.

Eventually the IRS will start taking things from you. By this point you know it’s coming, but they always catch you off guard. There is something spiritual about pulling out your debit card and finding out your bank has been cleaned out. The identity thief has nothing on the IRS; they have perfected the technique of raking someone over the coals. And you like it, because it’s legal. Isn’t it? Well that’s what they told me, and my employer, and my bank. I love how they tell you though: “the term ‘levy’ as used in this title includes the power of distraint and seizure by any means.” Also, “In any case in which the Secretary may levy upon property or rights to property, he may seize and sell such property.”

There of course is only one small (very small) omission in the paragraph that explains why the IRS can do such a thing; they somehow forgot to mention who the Secretary can levy property from. “Levy may be made upon the accrued salary or wages of any officer, employee, or elected official, of the United States, the District of Columbia, or any agency or instrumentality of the United States or the District of Columbia.” They hate telling you, or your employer or your banker this small detail. After all if they tell you right up front they miss out on all the fun of having to fight with you over your property (or rights to property).

Once they have stolen enough to satisfy their appetite, they do extend the courtesy of letting you know:

“It is not in my nature to gloat, but in your case I’ll make an exception. Do you remember that boat you were so fond of? It looks great in my driveway. I also re-landscaped the lawn we worked on together, next time you check your bank accounts you’ll see how I paid for it. Don’t bother calling the Sheriff; I am dating him now.”

These letters are all carefully drafted to illicit a particular emotion. First they are an attempt to restore a relationship. Then they establish a legal framework. Finally, they comply with an administrative illusion of due process, but only to the extent that they try to instill in you a total sense of hopelessness and despair.

At this point it is important to note that you might be a tax protestor if you question your sanity when you receive that first threatening letter from the IRS.



By Chuck Baldwin
April 12, 2012

Today, I am going to do something that I have never done: I am going to devote virtually my entire column to posting another man’s words. That man is the man who should be President of the United States: Congressman Ron Paul of Texas. The following is a written transcript of a speech Dr. Paul gave on the floor of the US House of Representatives back in 2007. Had Congressman Paul been elected President in 2008, the country would be four years into the greatest economic, political, and, yes, spiritual recovery in the history of America. As it is, the US is on the brink of totalitarianism and economic ruin. And you can mark it down, four years from now it won’t matter to a tinker’s dam whether Barack Obama or Mitt Romney was elected President this November. Neither man has the remotest understanding of America’s real problems nor the courage and backbone to do anything about it if they did understand.

Read the following. This is a man who understands the Constitution. This is a man who understands sound economic principles. This is a man who understands liberty and freedom. This is a man who has the guts to tell the truth. This is a man who has put his life and career on the line for the principles of liberty for more than two decades. This is a man who has returned every dollar that he has been paid as a US congressman to the taxpayers. This is the man who should be President of the United States.

[Ron Paul’s speech begins here] For some, patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. For others, it means dissent against a government’s abuse of the people’s rights.

I have never met a politician in Washington or any American, for that matter, who chose to be called unpatriotic. Nor have I met anyone who did not believe he wholeheartedly supported our troops, wherever they may be.

What I have heard all too frequently from various individuals are sharp accusations that, because their political opponents disagree with them on the need for foreign military entanglements, they were unpatriotic, un-American evildoers deserving contempt.

The original American patriots were those individuals brave enough to resist with force the oppressive power of King George. I accept the definition of patriotism as that effort to resist oppressive state power.

The true patriot is motivated by a sense of responsibility and out of self-interest for himself, his family, and the future of his country to resist government abuse of power. He rejects the notion that patriotism means obedience to the state. Resistance need not be violent, but the civil disobedience that might be required involves confrontation with the state and invites possible imprisonment.

Peaceful, nonviolent revolutions against tyranny have been every bit as successful as those involving military confrontation. Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., achieved great political successes by practicing nonviolence, and yet they suffered physically at the hands of the state. But whether the resistance against government tyrants is nonviolent or physically violent, the effort to overthrow state oppression qualifies as true patriotism.

True patriotism today has gotten a bad name, at least from the government and the press. Those who now challenge the unconstitutional methods of imposing an income tax on us, or force us to use a monetary system designed to serve the rich at the expense of the poor are routinely condemned. These American patriots are sadly looked down upon by many. They are never praised as champions of liberty as Gandhi and Martin Luther King have been.

Liberals, who withhold their taxes as a protest against war, are vilified as well, especially by conservatives. Unquestioned loyalty to the state is especially demanded in times of war. Lack of support for a war policy is said to be unpatriotic. Arguments against a particular policy that endorses a war, once it is started, are always said to be endangering the troops in the field. This, they blatantly claim, is unpatriotic, and all dissent must stop. Yet, it is dissent from government policies that defines the true patriot and champion of liberty.

It is conveniently ignored that the only authentic way to best support the troops is to keep them out of dangerous undeclared no-win wars that are politically inspired. Sending troops off to war for reasons that are not truly related to national security and, for that matter, may even damage our security, is hardly a way to patriotically support the troops.

Who are the true patriots, those who conform or those who protest against wars without purpose? How can it be said that blind support for a war, no matter how misdirected the policy, is the duty of a patriot?

Randolph Bourne said that, “War is the health of the state.” With war, he argued, the state thrives. Those who believe in the powerful state see war as an opportunity. Those who mistrust the people and the market for solving problems have no trouble promoting a “war psychology” to justify the expansive role of the state. This includes the role the Federal Government plays in our lives, as well as in our economic transactions.

Certainly, the neoconservative belief that we have a moral obligation to spread American values worldwide through force justifies the conditions of war in order to rally support at home for the heavy hand of government. It is through this policy, it should surprise no one, that our liberties are undermined. The economy becomes overextended, and our involvement worldwide becomes prohibited. Out of fear of being labeled unpatriotic, most of the citizens become compliant and accept the argument that some loss of liberty is required to fight the war in order to remain safe.

This is a bad trade-off, in my estimation, especially when done in the name of patriotism. Loyalty to the state and to autocratic leaders is substituted for true patriotism; that is, a willingness to challenge the state and defend the country, the people and the culture. The more difficult the times, the stronger the admonition comes that the leaders be not criticized.

Because the crisis atmosphere of war supports the growth of the state, any problem invites an answer by declaring war, even on social and economic issues. This elicits patriotism in support of various government solutions, while enhancing the power of the state. Faith in government coercion and a lack of understanding of how free societies operate encourages big-government liberals and big-government conservatives to manufacture a war psychology to demand political loyalty for domestic policy just as is required in foreign affairs.

The long-term cost in dollars spent and liberties lost is neglected as immediate needs are emphasized. It is for this reason that we have multiple perpetual wars going on simultaneously. Thus, the war on drugs, the war against gun ownership, the war against poverty, the war against illiteracy, the war against terrorism, as well as our foreign military entanglements are endless.

All this effort promotes the growth of statism at the expense of liberty. A government designed for a free society should do the opposite, prevent the growth of statism and preserve liberty.

Once a war of any sort is declared, the message is sent out not to object or you will be declared unpatriotic. Yet, we must not forget that the true patriot is the one who protests in spite of the consequences. Condemnation or ostracism or even imprisonment may result.

Nonviolent protesters of the Tax Code are frequently imprisoned, whether they are protesting the code’s unconstitutionality or the war that the tax revenues are funding. Resisters to the military draft or even to Selective Service registration are threatened and imprisoned for challenging this
threat to liberty.

Statism depends on the idea that the government owns us and citizens must obey. Confiscating the fruits of our labor through the income tax is crucial to the health of the state. The draft, or even the mere existence of the Selective Service, emphasizes that we will march off to war at the state’s pleasure.

A free society rejects all notions of involuntary servitude, whether by draft or the confiscation of the fruits of our labor through the personal income tax. A more sophisticated and less well-known technique for enhancing the state is the manipulation and transfer of wealth through the fiat monetary system operated by the secretive Federal Reserve.

Protesters against this unconstitutional system of paper money are considered unpatriotic criminals and at times are imprisoned for their beliefs. The fact that, according to the Constitution, only gold and silver are legal tender and paper money outlawed matters little. The principle of patriotism is turned on its head. Whether it’s with regard to the defense of welfare spending at home, confiscatory income tax, or an immoral monetary system or support for a war fought under false pretense without a legal declaration, the defenders of liberty and the Constitution are portrayed as unpatriotic, while those who support these programs are seen as the patriots.

If there is a war going on, supporting the state’s effort to win the war is expected at all costs, no dissent. The real problem is that those who love the state too often advocate policies that lead to military action. At home, they are quite willing to produce a crisis atmosphere and claim a war is needed to solve the problem. Under these conditions, the people are more willing to bear the burden of paying for the war and to carelessly sacrifice liberties, which they are told is necessary.

The last 6 years have been quite beneficial to the health of the state, which comes at the expense of personal liberty. Every enhanced unconstitutional power of the state can only be achieved at the expense of individual liberty. Even though in every war in which we have been engaged civil liberties have suffered, some have been restored after the war ended, but never completely. That has resulted in a steady erosion of our liberties over the past 200 years. Our government was originally designed to protect our liberties, but it has now, instead, become the usurper of those liberties.

We currently live in the most difficult of times for guarding against an expanding central government with a steady erosion of our freedoms. We are continually being reminded that 9/11 has changed everything.

Unfortunately, the policy that needed most to be changed, that is, our policy of foreign interventionism, has only been expanded. There is no pretense any longer that a policy of humility in foreign affairs, without being the world’s policemen and engaging in nation building, is worthy of consideration.

We now live in a post-9/11 America where our government is going to make us safe no matter what it takes. We are expected to grin and bear it and adjust to every loss of our liberties in the name of patriotism and security.

Though the majority of Americans initially welcomed the declared effort to
make us safe, and we are willing to sacrifice for the cause, more and more
Americans are now becoming concerned about civil liberties being needlessly
and dangerously sacrificed.

The problem is that the Iraq war continues to drag on, and a real danger of it spreading exists. There is no evidence that a truce will soon be signed in Iraq or in the war on terror or the war on drugs. Victory is not even definable. If Congress is incapable of declaring an official war, it is impossible to know when it will end. We have been fully forewarned that the world conflict in which we are now engaged will last a long, long time.

The war mentality and the pervasive fear of an unidentified enemy allows for a steady erosion of our liberties, and, with this, our respect for self-reliance and confidence is lost. Just think of the self-sacrifice and the humiliation we go through at the airport screening process on a routine basis. Though there is no scientific evidence of any likelihood of liquids and gels being mixed on an airplane to make a bomb, billions of dollars are wasted throwing away toothpaste and hair spray, and searching old women in wheelchairs.

Our enemies say boo, and we jump, we panic, and then we punish ourselves. We are worse than a child being afraid of the dark. But in a way, the fear of indefinable terrorism is based on our inability to admit the truth about why there is a desire by a small number of angry radical Islamists to kill Americans. It is certainly not because they are jealous of our wealth and freedoms.

We fail to realize that the extremists, willing to sacrifice their own lives to kill their enemies, do so out of a sense of weakness and desperation over real and perceived attacks on their way of life, their religion, their country, and their natural resources. Without the conventional diplomatic or military means to retaliate against these attacks, and an unwillingness of their own government to address the issue, they resort to the desperation tactic of suicide terrorism. Their anger toward their own governments, which they believe are coconspirators with the American Government, is equal to or greater than that directed toward us.

These errors in judgment in understanding the motive of the enemy and the constant fear that is generated have brought us to this crisis where our civil liberties and privacy are being steadily eroded in the name of preserving national security.

We may be the economic and the military giant of the world, but the effort to stop this war on our liberties here at home in the name of patriotism is being lost.

The erosion of our personal liberties started long before 9/11, but 9/11 accelerated the process. There are many things that motivate those who pursue this course, both well-intentioned and malevolent, but it would not happen if the people remained vigilant, understood the importance of individual rights, and were unpersuaded that a need for security justifies the sacrifice for liberty, even if it is just now and then.

The true patriot challenges the state when the state embarks on enhancing its power at the expense of the individual. Without a better understanding and a greater determination to rein in the state, the rights of Americans that resulted from the revolutionary break from the British and the writing of the Constitution will disappear.

The record since September 11th is dismal. Respect for liberty has rapidly deteriorated. Many of the new laws passed after 9/11 had, in fact, been proposed long before that attack. The political atmosphere after that attack simply made it more possible to pass such legislation. The fear generated by 9/11 became an opportunity for those seeking to promote the power of the state domestically, just as it served to falsely justify the long-planned invasion of Iraq.

The war mentality was generated by the Iraq war in combination with the constant drumbeat of fear at home. Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden, who is now likely residing in Pakistan, our supposed ally, are ignored, as our troops fight and die in Iraq and are made easier targets for the terrorists in their backyard. While our leaders constantly use the mess we created to further justify the erosion of our constitutional rights here at home, we forget about our own borders and support the inexorable move toward global government, hardly a good plan for America.

The accelerated attacks on liberty started quickly after 9/11. Within weeks, the PATRIOT Act was overwhelmingly passed by Congress. Though the final version was unavailable up to a few hours before the vote, no Member had sufficient time to study it. Political fear of not doing something, even something harmful, drove the Members of Congress to not question the contents, and just voted for it. A little less freedom for a little more perceived safety was considered a fair trade-off, and the majority of Americans applauded.

The PATRIOT Act, though, severely eroded the system of checks and balances by giving the government the power to spy on law-abiding citizens without judicial supervision. The several provisions that undermine the liberties of all Americans include sneak-and-peek searches, a broadened and more vague definition of domestic terrorism, allowing the FBI access to library and bookstore records without search warrants or probable cause, easier FBI initiation of wiretaps and searches, as well as roving wiretaps, easier access to information on American citizens’ use of the Internet, and easier access to e-mail and financial records of all American citizens.

The attack on privacy has not relented over the past 6 years. The Military Commissions Act is a particularly egregious piece of legislation and, if not repealed, will change America for the worse as the powers unconstitutionally granted to the executive branch are used and abused. This act grants
excessive authority to use secretive military commissions outside of places where active hostilities are going on. The Military Commissions Act permits torture, arbitrary detention of American citizens as unlawful enemy combatants at the full discretion of the President and without the right of habeas corpus, and warrantless searches by the NSA. It also gives to the President the power to imprison individuals based on secret testimony.

Since 9/11, Presidential signing statements designating portions of legislation that the President does not intend to follow, though not legal under the Constitution, have enormously multiplied. Unconstitutional Executive Orders are numerous and mischievous and need to be curtailed.

Extraordinary rendition to secret prisons around the world have been widely engaged in, though obviously extralegal.

A growing concern in the post-9/11 environment is the Federal Government’s list of potential terrorists based on secret evidence. Mistakes are made, and sometimes it is virtually impossible to get one’s name removed even though the accused is totally innocent of any wrongdoing.

A national ID card is now in the process of being implemented. It is called the REAL ID card, and it is tied to our Social Security numbers and our State driver’s license. If REAL ID is not stopped, it will become a national driver’s license ID for all Americans. We will be required to carry our papers.

Some of the least-noticed and least-discussed changes in the law were the changes made to the Insurrection Act of 1807 and to posse comitatus by the Defense Authorization Act of 2007. These changes pose a threat to the survival of our Republic by giving the President the power to declare martial law for as little reason as to restore public order. The 1807 act severely restricted the President in his use of the military within the United States borders, and the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 strengthened these restrictions with strict oversight by Congress. The new law allows the President to circumvent the restrictions of both laws. The Insurrection Act has now become the “Enforcement of the Laws to Restore Public Order Act.” This is hardly a title that suggests that the authors cared about or understood the nature of a constitutional Republic.

Now, martial law can be declared not just for insurrection, but also for natural disasters, public health reasons, terrorist attacks or incidents, or for the vague reason called “other conditions.” The President can call up the National Guard without congressional approval or the Governors’ approval, and even send these State Guard troops into other States.

The American Republic is in remnant status. The stage is set for our country eventually devolving into a military dictatorship, and few seem to care. These precedent-setting changes in the law are extremely dangerous and will change American jurisprudence forever if not revised. The beneficial results of our revolt against the King’s abuses are about to be eliminated, and few Members of Congress and few Americans are aware of the seriousness of the situation. Complacency and fear drive our legislation without any serious objection by our elected leaders. Sadly, though, those few who do object to this self-evident trend away from personal liberty and empire-building overseas are portrayed as unpatriotic and uncaring.

Though welfare and socialism always fails, opponents of them are said to lack compassion. Though opposition to totally unnecessary war should be the only moral position, the rhetoric is twisted to claim that patriots who oppose the war are not supporting the troops. The cliché “Support the Troops” is incessantly used as a substitute for the unacceptable notion of supporting the policy, no matter how flawed it may be.

Unsound policy can never help the troops. Keeping the troops out of harm’s way and out of wars unrelated to our national security is the only real way of protecting the troops. With this understanding, just who can claim the title of “patriot”?

Before the war in the Middle East spreads and becomes a world conflict for which we will be held responsible, or the liberties of all Americans become so suppressed we can no longer resist, much has to be done. Time is short, but our course of action should be clear. Resistance to illegal and unconstitutional usurpation of our rights is required. Each of us must choose which course of action we should take: education, conventional political action, or even peaceful civil disobedience to bring about necessary changes.

But let it not be said that we did nothing. Let not those who love the power of the welfare/warfare state label the dissenters of authoritarianism as unpatriotic or uncaring. Patriotism is more closely linked to dissent than it is to conformity and a blind desire for safety and security. Understanding the magnificent rewards of a free society makes us unbashful in its promotion, fully realizing that maximum wealth is created and the greatest chance for peace comes from a society respectful of individual liberty. [Ron Paul’s speech ends here]

There it is. The speech Dr. Paul gave in 2007 seems even more relevant today than it did then. Don’t you think?

You want to elect a real American statesman? You want to elect a man who would preserve liberty and freedom in America? You want to elect a man who would resist the devilish New World Order? You want to elect a man who would reestablish sound economic principles? If so, you will vote to elect Ron Paul as President of the United States. (And, no, no one has paid me a penny to post his speech or make this endorsement.)

Forget all the smoke and mirrors and the dog and pony shows that you see and hear from the other Presidential candidates. The issues that Dr. Paul addressed in this speech are the issues that are going to determine our country’s future. Again, this is the man who should be President of the United States.

If you appreciate this column and want to help me distribute these editorial opinions to an ever-growing audience, donations may now be made by credit card, check, or Money Order. Use this link.

© 2012 Chuck Baldwin – All Rights Reserved



By: Devvy
April 7, 2012

“….We’re confiscating property now….That’s socialism. It’s written into the Communist Manifesto. Maybe we ought to see that every person who gets a tax return receives a copy of the Communist Manifesto with it so he can see what’s happening to him.”T. Coleman Andrews, May 25, 1956, U.S. News & World Report, Commissioner of the IRS for 33 months under the Eisenhower Administration before he resigned.

This year you will work until April 17th to pay for all the massive debt created by incumbents in the Outlaw Congress:

(CNSNews.com) – “Americans have until April 17 to file their federal tax returns this year, and ironically, according to the Tax Foundation, the average American will have to work from Jan.1 until exactly that day just to pay his or her share of the taxes that government will absorb this year.”

Trillions stolen from we the people to fund unconstitutional foreign aid, cabinets, agencies, loans and a million other categories.

This year you will be forced with the threat of imprisonment and bankruptcy, to file an “income” tax return even though the income tax does not apply to most Americans.

This “tax season” companies like H & R Block will make millions supporting the big lie about who is liable for the income tax.

Yes, the “income” tax is big business that involves employing a lot of people. About 94,000 who work for the IRS full time. All those tax preparation companies. Private operations like Quatloos and the Southern (Money Bags) Poverty Law Center who both have maligned me, Joe Banister, Larry Becraft and others for telling the truth. Their blood money is made from supporting the big lie. Your misery is their paycheck.

How about a big cheese like, Charles Rossotti, former commissar of the IRS? John Berlau at insightmag.comdid a piece March 31, 2001, that was quite revealing:

“Charles O. Rossotti was appointed by Bill Clinton to head the IRS in 1997. His background in technology and business won praise at the time from both Republicans and Democrats. Rossotti had been chairman of American Management Systems (AMS), a Fairfax, Va.-based information-technology consulting firm that he cofounded after a stint as one of Robert McNamara’s famed “Whiz Kids” at the Defense Department’s Office of Systems Analysis. With the IRS computer systems in disarray and gross abuses of taxpayer rights unearthed during congressional hearings, members of Congress were eager to have a “manager” at the helm of IRS rather than another political tax attorney.

“So eager, apparently, that the Senate Finance Committee agreed to let Rossotti keep his stock in AMS, even though the company was providing computer software and data-processing services to the IRS. At his confirmation hearing Rossotti promised Sen. William Roth of Delaware, then-chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, that he would divest “if AMS decides to bid for more work from the IRS beyond existing GSA contracts, or successor contracts of similar scope.” He also said he would do his best to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest. “No one has, I do not think, a greater interest than I do in ensuring that no one believes, at this stage in my life, that I have taken on this job in order to further any particular interest of my own,” Rossotti said.

“Yet in a press release dated Nov. 7, 1997 just four days after he was confirmed as IRS commissioner on a Senate vote of 92-0, but in a convenient interlude before he was sworn Rossotti praised the achievements of AMS in a company press release announcing his IRS confirmation and AMS resignation. “This is an exciting time for AMS,” Rossotti said, sounding like the major shareholder he is, in this release distributed to the business press by the PR Newswire service. “Within the next year, AMS is expected to reach $1 billion in revenues. The company will have nearly 9,000 employees working with leading organizations around the world, including the largest banks, telecommunications firms, government organizations, health-care providers and utilities….

“According to his most recent financial-disclosure forms (filed in May 2000), at the end of 1999 Rossotti and his wife, Barbara, owned between $16 million and $80 million in AMS stock. In 1998, the New York Times reported that he was the largest individual shareholder in AMS, a company that last year had revenues of $1.28 billion.” End of excerpt

Rossotti refused to divest himself of his stock. That corporation employs a lot of people. A large percentage of those employees at AMS (and their paychecks), will keep working as long as the contracts keep coming from the IRS. What better way to ensure that, than the commissioner himself remain a huge stockholder? Rossotti owns a fortune in stock in that company which services contracts with the IRS. Rossetti left the IRS and went to The Carlyle Group.

But, none of this seems to matter to the nearly 100 million Americans who continue to reelect the same liars for hire to the U.S. Congress. For the past few months enthusiastic supporters of incumbents have been out there working to get their Congress critter reelected. The same miscreants who steal from us, lie to us and cheat us out of our pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. The same incumbents who have and continue to lie to those enthusiastic supporters about the nature of the “income” tax.

Roughly 100 million Americans working for their own destruction while thinking it’s a good idea. Classic Sun Tzu’s Art of War.

Tommy Cryer is my attorney in the fight out here in Texas to get ‘smart’ meters banned. In 2006, Tommy Cryer was indicted by the U.S. Department of Justice for two counts of tax evasion. In July of 2007, the IRS reduced the charges to willful failure to file income tax returns. He went to trial and was unanimously acquitted by the jury.

This issue is NOT about “paying your fair” share on April 15th. This is a legal issue that involves more lies by “our” government.
When I first began my journey so long ago, it began quite by accident. In 1991, I was at a book signing for my first published book; the big publisher’s shindig in LA. My publisher handed me a book which, really, just opened to the chapter on the “Federal” Reserve. It literally changed my life.

Being the curious type, from there I learned the truth about the privately owned banking consortium referred to as the “Federal” Reserve, its relationship to the “income” tax and more. I can tell you without hesitation: the IRS has been misapplying the IRC longer than I’ve been alive. Domestic Americans are not subject to the “income” tax.
I do notrecommend anyone do what Tommy did because the federal judiciary and the U.S. prosecutors are joined at the hip. The collusion is beyond reprehensible, kissed and blessed by YOUR incumbent in the Outlaw Congress. At some point, as with prohibition, something will give or the financial collapse comes first; it’s underway, no one should make any mistake about that.

Challenging fraud and wrong doing by governments, state or federal, is our duty and responsibility. As a self-governing people, only we can hold them in check.
Tommy’s noble fight led him to write a 90 page document titled, The Memorandum. As someone who has spent two decades on this and other critical issues, that paper is by far and away the single most important one ever presented on who is and who is not liable for the “income” tax. Fear has been the biggest factor in the fraud perpetrated upon we the people. If you take the time to read Tommy’s legal analysis, you won’t feel fear. Likely you will feel rage.

We know it is being read by attorneys, law professors and government officials all over this country. Not by members of the U.S. Congress. They need the “income” tax to continue stealing the fruits of our labor to fund trillions of dollars in unconstitutional spending and waste via the candy store known as the “Fed.”
If you would like to learn the truth about the “income” tax, here is the link to The Memorandumauthored by Tommy.

This weekend you might want to watch a new video. It is an interview with Joseph Banister. For those not familiar with Joe, he was a special agent with the IRS in their CID (Criminal Investigation Division) making $80,000 a year. An up and coming star who carried a gun to work everyday in pursuit of tax cheats. One day something happened that changed his life forever. Joseph is the highest ranking IRS employee ever to step forward and tell the truth about the nature of the income tax.
Joe’s research and subsequent actions by his stupidvisors eventually caused him to resign from the IRS and a secure future with a handsome paycheck. He was also indicted by the U.S. Department of Justice and went on trial in a federal court room in Sacramento. I attended his trial and literally couldn’t stand the drama knowing his freedom could be taken away over a lie. Thankfully, like Tommy, the jury unanimously acquitted Joe on all charges. You can watch him tell his story here.

Below is my column on what happened in the court room. Joe Banister is one of the kindest souls you’ll ever meet. He is also a person of raw courage that has cost him dearly:

The Agony, The Ecstasy and the Agony

As I said in my last column: A closed mind is a terrible thing. It is because of people like Tommy and Joe that Americans are learning the truth and that is a dangerous thing to the dark forces determined to crush resistance to totalitarian force by state and federal agencies.

When I wrote Americans love the IRS and income tax I meant it. If they didn’t, they would not continue to reelect the same liars back to Congress who refuse to get rid of the privately owned “Federal” Reserve, the unnecessary federal “income” tax and stop the insane spending; here and here. No. Instead, they’re out there working to help their incumbent win their primary!

We did not have a federal “income” tax prior to 1913 and we don’t need one now. (Don’t fall for all the popular taxing schemes out there, i.e., flat tax.) Smaller government means abolishing unconstitutional agencies and spending. Abolishing the unconstitutional “Federal” Reserve is at the top of the list. When Rep. Ron Paul introduced a bill to do just that five years ago, not a single member of Congress supported it. Why? Because without the piggy bank, those poltroons would not be able to continue funding the grotesque invasions and occupations of Iraq, Afghanistan and “military operations” in Pakistan. They would not be able to continue taxing us to death to hand trillions over the past 30 years to foreign countries while you and I pay the principle and the interest for the rest of our lives.

Aren’t Americans tired of living in fear of the IRS? Tired of them snooping into your life during an audit even when you make an honest mistake? If you want the truth, do read The Memorandum and vote out every incumbent in the U.S. Congress this coming November. Not one of them deserves your respect because they don’t respect you enough to tell you the truth.

Links: – rubbing our noses in it:

1- Video shows federal officials joking about cost of lavish conference
2- 20 Examples of how the sweat of your labor is wasted


By Lee Duigon
March 22, 2012
NewsWithViews.com http://www.newswithviews.com/Duigon/lee140.htm

I have a degree in Political Science; but I have no idea what to call government by the least capable, the least qualified, the least moral, and the least fitted to the task of governing. In other words, I never learned a technical term that would apply to the government of the United States today.

There’s a lot that goes on here, politically, that Political Science can’t explain. For instance, twice as many American voters identify themselves as “conservatives” as opposed to “liberal.” And yet for some reason the 20% of the electorate that identifies as “liberal” completely runs the show. In a representative republic, how can that be?

It is as if the American people have become irrelevant to the business of running the country. We don’t matter anymore. We hate Obamacare, and yet we’ve got Obamacare. We want to protect the institution of marriage, but our courts and media won’t let us. We hate high gas prices, but the people who run the country seem to love them. In overwhelming numbers we cry out against the crazy spending that’s pushing our country into oblivion; but it only seems to make our government spend more.

Most mystifying of all, we elected these people who are destroying us.

Everywhere you look, we get the opposite of what we want. We don’t want schools that teach our children to be numbskulls and libertines, but we’ve got ‘em. We don’t want colleges that cost a fortune in tuition and prepare the graduates to be convenience store clerks with advanced degrees in History or Women’s Studies; but that’s what we’ve got. We don’t want a lone, cranky atheist to be able to shut down our town’s Christmas parade—or at least force us to change its name to “Winter Festival,” conjuring up images of druids leaping over bonfires—but that’s what we get.

Was there ever really, truly, a groundswell among Americans for major league baseball players to appear in a film exhorting teenagers to stay with homosexuality because “It Gets Better” with time? Was there ever a demand for federal lunch-room police? Three out of four of us are Christians—and yet our president’s re-election campaign includes in its finances a million-dollar contribution from a “celebrity” whose whole schtick is to malign Christianity and Christians. Would a man who hates Christians fork over a million dollars to a politician who loves Christians? And how do Christian voters wind up with anti-Christian rulers?

Did we ever ask for Congress to pass 2,000-page bills that give government entry into all sorts of intimate areas of our lives—bills that no politician reads before voting to enact, bills written by nobody-knows-who, for the benefit of someone, somewhere, but not us? They do it, we yell and scream about it, and then they do it again.

Have we ever suggested that our dream in life is to work ourselves to death so that public employees can retire at 55 and bum around the Bahamas, buy a horse farm, or tour the French wine country on their pensions? Did we ask for the United Nations to monitor our elections to make sure we don’t interfere with the rights of dead people, felons, and illegal aliens to vote for Democrats?

How was it ever possible for the majority of the voters in a great nation to elect leaders who consistently act against the voters’ interest, who go out of their way to provoke them, honoring the things the voters hate and wiping their shoes on things the voters love? Or is it that all these leaders have to do is cobble together a coalition of “minorities” won over with entitlements and special favors, and—Presto! Suddenly the majority becomes, for all practical purposes, the minority inside its own country, and may be spat upon with impunity.

What ever happened to “Don’t Tread on Me”? Has the rattlesnake been skinned and made into a doormat?

Where is the Tea Party today? In 2010 the Tea Party rose up and took back the House of Representatives. The Tea Party marched in tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands—

And still, in spite of all that marching, we got Obamacare fastened around our necks like the collar of a slave. And still we’ve got the spending frenzy, the plotting and scheming against our liberties, the wholesale looting of America for the benefit of the political class and its trusty clients, and the utter degradation of what remains of our culture.

I’m a political scientist, and Political Science cannot explain why all these things are happening, or how they happen.

Can you?

© 2012 Lee Duigon – All Rights Reserved

Lee Duigon, a contributing editor with the Chalcedon Foundation, is a former newspaper reporter and editor, small businessman, teacher, and horror novelist. He has been married to his wife, Patricia, for 34 years. See his new fantasy/adventure novels, Bell Mountain and The Cellar Beneath the Cellar, available on www.amazon.com

Website: LeeDuigon.com

E-Mail: leeduigon@verizon.net


By Coach Dave Daubenmire
March 22, 2012
NewsWithViews.com http://www.newswithviews.com/Daubenmire/dave274.htm

The most common use of the term “bastard” refers to a child who is born from illegitimate means. Marriage is what makes a child “legitimate.” Any child produced outside of a legal-marriage was once considered “illegitimate” because he/she was not under the authority of a father.

Illegitimacy is destroying America. A father-less generation of children is roaming the streets of America in search of authority. Recent statistics show that over 40% of all babies born in America are bastards.

To many of those children, government becomes the father. We have seen the effects that “government-parenthood” has had on this nation. A government-paycheck does not a father make.

But the larger issue is that our Federal Government has become bastardized. At its origin, the Federal Government was the birth-child of the thirteen colonies. “We the People of the United States” gave birth to the Federal Government, and, as Thomas Jefferson said, tied it “down with the chains of the Constitution.”

Follow me now. The Federal Government was the birth child of the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution was the spawn of the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration received its authority from the elected representatives of the thirteen States who gathered at Independence Hall in Philadelphia and signed it. Those elected representatives received their authority from the individual citizens in the independent states. The individual-citizens were endowed with the authority as a birthright from their Creator. The Creator was, and still is, the ultimate authority over the individual. He IS the Father of all.

Today, our “government” is a bastard-child. It has usurped authority that it has no claim to. In our system of self-government, the Federal Government is chained down by the Constitution. The first sentence of the Preamble to the Constitution identifies the authority structure. “We the People of the United States…”

All government authority in the United States emanates from God, the granter of all rights, through the people, the recipients of all rights, to the government, the protector of all rights. But a coup has taken place in America. The “government” has been “emancipated” from the constraints of the Father. A government that no longer answers to the legitimate authority has become a “bastard” child.

That is what identifies a bastard…a child with no legitimate authority figure. The Federal Government is a “bastard” because it no longer comes under the authority of its Father.

Look at what is going on in Washington. Because we no longer recognize from were governmental authority comes, our three branches of government have lost sight of their legitimate purpose. Our Founders gave us three branches of government based on Isaiah 33:22 For the Lord is our JUDGE, the Lord is our LAWGIVER, the Lord is our KING; He will save us.

Our government is out of control. It has become an unruly step-child. Just like a family, the authority must be established under the headship of the Father. Only the “Father” can give government, and its voice, legitimacy.

Because of my efforts in working with the Personhood movement I constantly hear Roe V Wade referenced as a reason not to put it on the ballot. The Pro-Life movement lives in fear of the Supreme Court and their bastardized-authority. It is time the courts came under authority of the Father.

A Supreme Court decision is not law. It is merely an “opinion” issued by a “court.” Roe V Wade is not the “Law of the Land,” as we are so often told.

Legislatures make laws and courts offer opinions on those laws. Currently in America, Abortion is illegal in 44 States. Right now, according to the laws in Ohio, abortion is illegal. A Supreme Court “opinion” cannot overturn a legitimate law. We just think it does. It is time for the State of Ohio to reclaim its legal authority and declare abortion illegal within our borders. It is time for the states to defy the bastards.

In 2005 in the case of Gonzales v Raich the Supreme Court opined that medical use of marijuana was illegal in all fifty states. You heard me right. The “law of the land” regarding marijuana is that it is illegal. Yet currently, there are sixteen states that permit the medical use of marijuana.

On September 21, 1996 President Bill Clinton signed into law, the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman. Federal courts all across this nation have upheld the legality of the law. Yet today, six states permit homosexual marriage. Just last year the Obama administration said that it would no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act, in clear violation of established law.

I could go on. The Federal Government and the Federal Courts are operating with illegitimate authority. It is a perfect example of the children telling the parents what to do.

And it will only get worse. It is time for the states to defy the bastards!! It is our only hope of surviving as a free nation.

In Worchester v Georgia 1832 President Andrew Jackson received an unfavorable ruling from the John Marshall-led Supreme Court. His legendary response was “John Marshall has made his decision; now let him enforce it!” Still today, the Supreme Court has no enforcement powers for its illegitimate rulings. In a later writing President Jackson went on to say, “…the decision of the Supreme Court has fell still born, and they find that they cannot coerce Georgia to yield to its mandate.”

The Constitution is under assault because our government is a bastardized-entity that has divorced itself from the “laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.” Without the foundations of the Scriptures to stand upon, our entire Federal Government has its feet firmly planted in thin air…

In 1803 in Marbury v Madison the SCOTUS declared “a law repugnant to the Constitution is null and void.” That still holds true today.

The courts have told us in the past that:

• Black men were 3/5 of a human being
• Separate but equal was constitutional.
• Women had no right to vote.

Today they want to tell us that:

• The right to bear arms is not absolute.
• The right to privacy no longer applies to individuals.
• Freedom of speech, religion, and assembly are conditional.
• The Right to Life applies only to “wanted” children.

Can you trust the courts to protect your rights? What if they don’t? I say it is time to defy the bastards. Our children’s future depends on it. Let’s recriminalize abortion in Ohio.

Thomas Jefferson, who authored the Declaration, said this, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” And this “Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.”

This nation was birthed in rebellion. Jesus’ death was a result of rebellion against illegitimate authority. The Apostle Paul wrote nearly two-thirds of the New Testament, much of it from jail, in rebellion against illegitimate religious authority. Peter said “We ought to obey God rather than man.” We are not the first people to have been in this predicament.

Ultimately, that is a decision that we are all going to have to make. At what point does a man stand up and say “enough is enough?”
Aye. Fight and you may die. Run, and you’ll live. At least awhile… And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance — just one chance — to come back here and tell our enemies that they make take our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom!!Braveheart

Last week the Federal Government seized ALL power over the lives of individual Americans. Now they can lock you up without charges, kill you if the President thinks you are a danger to America, arrest you for picketing out side an event where an elected official is present, and force you to pay for things that are in direct conflict with your conscience.

“Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” -Thomas Jefferson.

Are you willing to trust the governance of your liberties to those who cannot govern themselves?

The battle for liberty will be fought in the individual states, not in the White House. Instead of putting all of our eggs in the 2012 presidential basket, it is imperative that we focus instead on what is going on in our own back yard.

The States created the Federal Government. The only power they have over us is the power we give unto them. Those in Washington DC no longer represent “the people.”

If we go down, let’s go down, standing up. It is time for the states to defy the bastards!

Click Here for an audio version of this commentary.

Order the CDs here.

Do you think like a Christian or a humanist? Did the Founders really separate Church and State? Is Judicial tyranny ruining America? Check out these great teachings by the Coach

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By Ellen Makkai
March 20, 2012


Promiscuous: not restricted to one sexual partner(Merriam Webster, Tenth edition 1993)

Slut: a woman who has had many sexual partners(Merriam Webster Learner’s Dictionary)

Great indignation spreads across the land. A famous blabbermouth, who calls a spade a spade, has called a slut a slut. But in our values-neutral society, we embrace a new normal: multiple sexual partners and the one-night-stand.

The consequence? Today’s young women don’t recognize that each time they spread their legs to welcome a new lover, they inch up the slut scale. “Slut” is outmoded lingo and so, they are sluts no more.

But let me back track and bring you along.

Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke, past president of Georgetown Law Students for Reproductive Justice, testified before Congressional Democrats that she and other Georgetown women “have faced financial, emotional, and medical burdens” due to the university’s contraception policy.

As a Jesuit school, Georgetown University health facilities refuse to provide contraception and abortifacient drugs as per Catholic tenets. This is in conflict with Obama’s healthcare behemoth that requires what is, in essence, contraception-on-demand.

Fluke testified that she wants Georgetown to capitulate, compromise its religious doctrine and give her tax money in the form of paid contraception under Obama-care. Thus subsidizing her sex life. Money for sex, hmmm, sounds familiar.

Consequently she was awarded slut status, bordering on prostitution, by radio giant Rush Limbaugh.

In her plea for Obama-care tax money she skipped the fact that the local Planned Parenthood office is 2.5 miles away, a convenient nine-minute drive from the Georgetown University campus. PPA often and eagerly provides students and poorer women all manner of low-cost (sometimes free) contraceptive accoutrements, as well as abortions.

Ms. Fluke’ testified that she and her sexual confederates need as much as $1000 a year for contraception. Pills cost from $15 to $30 monthly according to Planned Parenthood. That averages $270 yearly. Add condoms, spermicides, sponges, morning-after drugs, etc. and the cost increases a blip.

That’s a lot of sex. When does she have time to study? And what about her boyfriends? Why should we taxpayers support their sexual appetites?

Enter indignation and Barak Hussein Obama. Ms. Fluke can rest assured that her designation as “slut” has been rescinded by none other than the President of the United States.

The president came to the rescue our deflowered damsel with a personal phone call that shifted attention away from her sexual pursuits. He substituted the stinger “slut” with the noble “citizen,” who merely spoke out on an issue of public policy. Obama also threw “reprehensible and crude” at Limbaugh to assuage Ms. Fluke’s embarrassment.

“What was really personal for me was that [Obama] said to tell my parents that they should be proud,” Fluke said after the call.

Really? How times have change.

“Proud” is not what my parents would have been had I testified before God and country that I want $1000 a year from taxpayers because of my unmarried sex-capades.

Rush Limbaugh’s assessment of Sandra Fluke was unnecessarily harsh, especially in these unfortunate times of sexual permissiveness. Ms. Fluke is, after all, a child of our sexually seduced culture.

But Obama is doing this maligned lady no favors. Having the Leader of the Free World phone you up with words of presidential approval only contributes to Sandra Fluke’s advancing moral and spiritual decay, a prognosis of which she is ignorant.

For shame.

Bible Byte:Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness…(Isaiah 5:20)

© 2012 – Ellen Makkai – All Rights Reserved

In the Days of Noah

I went to a new church this weekend with a friend I met at TDR Firearms and must say that I had a great time.  While I sat listening to the music, I scanned across the congregation and wondered how the people in this Church would fair if we had a calamity or disaster.

I remembered a passage from the Old Testament and the phrase “In the days of Noah.”   In the story, Noah spent YEARS building an arc and ultimately stocked the arc with food, animals and his family.  Eventually the rains started, and God closed the door — Noah and his family lived — everyone else died.

Those that died, did so because of disbelief and a lack of preparation.  They didn’t believe that anything bad was going to happen and failed to prepare.

DefenseFit is starting at TDR Firearms this week.  DefenseFit is firearms training with a fitness component.  It trains us to properly use our concealed firearm while under physical stress with an elevated heart rate and heavy breathing.

We might not think we need this kind of training, but statistics show that over 80% of all civilian use of force encounters end up in a fight on the ground.  DefenseFit provides you the training necessary to be prepared for this kind of encounter.

Jim R. Schwiesow — A Nation in Free Fall

Jim R. Schwiesow — A Nation in Free Fall.

By Sheriff Jim R. Schwiesow, Ret. November 12, 2011 NewsWithViews.com

This nation is in a complete free fall, mark these words: “The United States will be in a full state of collapse by 2015.” Moral degeneracy, a non-amalgamate and non-literate society, social depravity, spiritual rot, and egregious ignorance will lead the nation into race wars the outcome of which will be a completely destroyed infrastructure, famine, and absolute economic collapse. All of which will leave the country prostrate and completely vulnerable to foreign belligerents who will mount an invasion and bring the nation into total subjection and inimical control.

That is the projection by the numbers my friends. And in the interim the nation will be beset continuously with one heaven sent terrifying disaster after another; the people of this nation will not know a day of peace, and then the end. The stench of this nation has reached the nostrils of the Almighty, put your spiritual house in order time is short.


“Ah sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity, a seed of evildoers, children that are corrupters: they have forsaken the LORD, they have provoked the Holy One of Israel unto anger, they are gone away backward. Why should ye be stricken anymore? ye will revolt more and more: the whole head is sick, and the whole heart faint.” -Isaiah 1:4-5

“From the sole of the foot even unto the head there is no soundness in it; but wounds, and bruises, and putrifying sores: they have not been closed, neither bound up, neither mollified with ointment. Your country is desolate, your cities are burned with fire: your land, strangers devour it in your presence, and it is desolate, as overthrown by strangers.” -Isaiah 1: 6-7

Ah, but you say, “This scripture is of the Old Testament and not meant prophetically for the United States or any other modern nation.” I wonder when the so called Biblical scholars of today are going to wake up and realize that God is eternal and unchangeable; He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. His words are applicable, timeless, appropriate, and common to people and nations past, present, and future. If the specifics fit a particular nation and its people – as in the case of the United States – then the words are meant for no other.


A number of people have asked who I am supporting in regard to the upcoming elections. The quick answer is that I am actually supporting no one as I believe absolutely that the nation is beyond rescue from the divine power that is set to rain devastation and ruin upon a corrupt and recalcitrant people. I will however, since I am still subject to the totalitarian incursive of a totally corrupt system, request an absentee ballot and write in the name of Ron Paul for president.

I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat as I believe the collective policies of the national committees’ of both political parties to be the ruination of a nation that was rooted in and built upon Christian principles. One must now choose between Progressive Socialism and Neo Conservatism, name your poison; one is of a Stalinistic proclivity and Communist ideology and the other of Hitleristic tendencies and National Socialism. So why you ask would I vote for Ron Paul who is running as a Republican of Libertarian ideology?

Actually I take great issue with a Libertarian orientation that would allow infanticide, free sex, sodomy, same sex marriage, prostitution, the ingestion of inimical chemical substances, and a host of other social perversions with which people are wont to ruin their lives. Then I ask myself why is it that under the Republican conservatives and the Democrat progressives – the majority of whom hypocritically proclaim opposition to such perversions – these filthy anomalies of human nature are running rampant today? The hypocrisy runs deep except in the case of the Texas Physician.

So dear readers in Ron Paul I see a man who will not sacrifice principle to political expediency, a man who will defend against all enemies the absolute and inviolable principles of a Constitution that inculcates the freedoms and liberties of Christian precepts. I see a man who will institute the economic principles of Biblical instruction and I see a man who, among all of the candidates, has impeccable integrity and an unquestioned policy of refusing to compromise on Constitutional guarantees.

In regard to the other three Republican candidates I see men who will say one thing and do another, at least two of these are out and out phonies who have collaborated with the enemies of Constitutional governance and kissed the behinds of the human mutants of progressive ideology. Their records are replete with many instances of acquiescence to socialistic endeavors, and only one of the remaining three has the ingenuity, intelligence, political expertise and craftiness to deal with a political gangster such as Barack Obama, and that is Newt Gingrich. But, his moral background is atrociously out of whack. So it will be on my ballot Ron Paul; this regardless of whoever the party nominee may be.

Lest I seem to be intimating that a Republican will replace the interloping nihilist who presently rules and reigns over the hopelessly lost people that populate this nation I hasten to correct that misapprehension. It is my surmise that a higher power has determined that such a morally deficient multitude as populates this nation deserves as a leader one who shares their ethically challenged and morally corrupt standards. And most certainly Barack Hussein Obama fits the bill in that regard.

He has adequately demonstrated his moral baseness by systematically stealing the monetary resources of the people via a continual succession of domestic and foreign multi-million dollar vacations, junkets, and luxuriant excursions. He has lavished upon his progressive cronies billions of dollars via government loans of taxpayer monies that upon default are never repaid, and for which collections are never sought. In short he steals the resources of the people with not a twinge of guilt or conscience.

And if that is not enough in the way of baseness, he lies. He falsely claims to be a Christian while practicing Muslimism, and he lies about his origin, his birth, his past and his true intentions as they pertain to the direction of the nation. In short he is exactly what a collectively perverse and secular people deserve. I would be most surprised if he were to be removed from office by the voters in the coming election.


Secular humanists have destroyed this nation, and nominal Christians have helped them do it. Collusively these have corrupted the youth and moved them to demonic lusts; they have demolished a formerly Christian based academia, they have instituted judicial activism in place of Constitutional jurisprudence; in short they have corrupted and made filthy nearly every formerly righteous government, social, and institutional endeavor. Secular humanists are a scourge upon humanity and that so called Christians have enabled them to incrementally dismantle the spiritual foundations of the nation speaks to an apostasy of incredible and execrable depth.

The ascendance of secular humanism (which is a religion of satanic origin) and the dissipation of Christianity has wrought in the people of this nation the very moral degradation that was described by the Apostle Paul in 2 Timothy 3:1-5. Paul wrote these words over two thousand years ago and he couldn’t have more accurately described the people of this nation had he lived among them.