By Coach Dave Daubenmire
May 10, 2012

Marriage used to be called Holy Matrimony. “Matri” is Latin for “mother.” “Mony” is a suffix that means “to make.” Hence, Holy Matrimony was a sacrament whereby a woman received the blessings of God for the purpose of becoming a mother. It was a God-ordained, God-established union for the purpose of producing a family. A “marriage license” is not necessary in order to be joined in Holy Matrimony.

In fact, the marriage license is a legal document that makes the state a partner to the marriage. It gives jurisdiction over the union. Until 1923 marriage licenses were only needed for inter-racial marriages. A marriage license, like the 501 (c) (3) corporation , partners the sacred with the secular.

“Christian Business” has become one of the biggest red flags in all of America. If one truly operates a business by Christian principles it would not be necessary to advertise as such. The fruit would speak for itself. People are Christians, businesses are not. By your fruit you will know them. Many “Christians” do shabby, dishonest work, despite their advertising.

Most Christians are not really Christians. The unbiblical idea of walking the aisle and repeating a prayer is a modern-day invention. Becoming a Christian requires a complete surrender of one’s will. You don’t “come to Jesus,” “ask Jesus into your heart,” or “accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior.” Becoming a Christian requires your dying to self and becoming a bond-servant to Jesus Christ. “You must be born-again”…not repeat a prayer.

Most “Christians” have it backwards. Most have never died to self. They think Jesus serves them.

Now they want us to think dinosaurs died from their own farts. Just curious…has anyone ever heard a dinosaur “cut the cheese?” What passes for science today has become almost laughable.

Homosexuals are ashamed of their behavior. That is why they work so hard to get others to approve and accept their deviancy. In their hearts they know that what they do is unacceptable and are looking for validation for the un-natural behavior. So, they look for the god-of-government to tell them that they should be proud of what they do. But their tale-tell heart will not give them peace. Even they know their activities are vile.

The same scientists that tell us that dinosaurs died from farts tell them that they were “born that way.” Many of the scientists went to Ivy League schools. Stay away from the Ivy League.

Most men are afraid to speak what is on his mind. They have become convinced that honesty is intolerant and judgmental. Only the opinion of the deranged is honored. Evil flourishes.

Both the Republicans and the Democrats are only interested in holding on to power. Neither party wants to reduce government. Is there any other way to explain their common hatred of Ron Paul?

“Pro-life” is nothing more than a political position that conservative candidates hold. When does a baby become a baby? At what point should it be protected? Why does a woman’s right to choose end at the baby’s birth? The birth makes the child MORE dependant on the mother. Ask the mother of any new-born. Born babies are much more work than a fetus.

Abortion is not choice. Ice-cream flavor is choice. Abortion is murder.

I wonder how many converts the Mormons will get when America validates The Latter Day Saints by placing one in the White House. Is this what evangelicals call “spreading the Gospel?” “Hey honey, let’s check out that Mormon Church down the road.”

Sex is not love and love is not sex. Sexual intercourse is not “making love” any more than killing cows is making hamburger.

Americans are not permitted to “marry” anyone we want. I can’t marry my son. I can’t marry my daughter. If marriage is a “civil right” why are their any restraints on it? Homosexual-sodomy based marriages are special rights…not civil rights…affirmative sin.

It is the morality, stupid. Most folks vote the economy, but the economy is a moral issue. Governments lie, steal, cheat, and covet. An amoral government will produce amoral laws. Amoral governments force moral people to follow immoral laws.

Our elected officials support immoral behavior. Homosexuality is immoral. Abortion is immoral. Divorce is immoral. Debt is immoral. Taxation is immoral. Offensive wars are immoral. John Adams warned us that “The Constitution was made for a moral and religious people…” Amoral Americans killed the Constitution by voting for immoral officials.

Tithing is not a New Testament principle. Tithing is legalism. “Freely you have received, freely give.” Tithing is pastor-promoted insurance from financial calamity. Pastors promote it for their own job-security. Most folks can’t give to worthy causes because their “church dues” sucks up all of their charitable giving. Tithing pays the “professional” Christians.

Go ahead and tithe if you want. I don’t want to argue about it. Bring all of the tithes into the storehouse that their may be meat in my house…Only the truth can set you free…free to help those who really need it rather than seeing your “tithe” used for blacktop, plasma TV’s, salaries and bennies for the church “ministers”, while the government taxes you for charity work the church should do. BTW, is blacktop “meat?” Michele and I support ministries, we don’t pay dues. Here are a bunch of other “not found in the Bible” things that might be of interest to you.

Religion is the dead faith of those now living. Christianity is the living faith of those now dead. Religion is man-made law. Jesus is man freeing grace. Religion is head knowledge. Jesus is heart knowledge. If Jesus gets your heart he’ll have your head.

Romans 13 does not teach that Christians must obey civil government. Romans 13 was written by a Christian, to Christians, for Christians. It had nothing to do with secular government, but church government. Jesus defied governmental authority. (Transgressing the tradition of the elders) Paul wrote two-thirds of the New Testament, much of it from jail. Shadrach, Daniel, Moses. Paul and Silas…you’d think they’d practice what they preached.

And when they had brought them, they set them before the council: and the high priest asked them,Saying, Did not we straitly command you that ye should not teach in this name? and, behold, ye have filled Jerusalem with your doctrine, and intend to bring this man’s blood upon us. Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men.
Acts 5.

Would you obey Hitler? Would you follow Sharia law if you lived in Dearborn? Would you kill Grandpa if the “civil authorities” told you to? Should your taxes be used for abortion?

Obama will win if Romney is appointed. I can just hear the “super-PAC” commercials.

“Many Republicans have accused President Obama of not being an American. Did you know that as a leader of his church Governor Romney baptized the dead? Did you know that Governor Romney’s religion teaches that Jesus and Lucifer were brothers? Did you know that Governor Romney’s family practiced polygamy and that his family believed that Negroes were cursed by God? I ask you this, are those YOUR American values?” Can you say 2nd term?

I’ll know a president is serious about being pro-life when he vows to issue an executive order outlawing it as his first act in office.

I wonder what would happen to me if I produced a birth certificate to the BMV that was a verifiable forgery, presented a fraudulent draft card, and a social security number that was issued in a state in which I had never lived. Would they assign the Secret Service to protect me, or arrest me? Could I pass a background check to mow the lawn at the White House?

Pornography is sex without love; Feelings without emotion. It is like Religion without the Spirit.

Fox News has gone left. It makes fun of Ron Paul, won’t mention Sheriff Arpaio and the birth certificate, hired Jesse Jackson’s daughter as an “expert,” and has shilled for Mitt Romney.

One hundred years from today would my grandchildren be happier if they found a safe of mine filled with one-hundred paper dollar bills or with one-hundred gold dollar coins? I wonder why?

We have turned the tables on God. He made us in His own image. We have remade Him into ours. Folks say I’m nuts. I agree, but I am screwed on to the right bolt.

There are a lot of ugly looking people in America. To “level the field” plastic surgery should be free…and mandatory.

Would you take medicine if you were not ill? Man is sin-sick. Without judgment God is not necessary. Mercy follows judgment. Judgment drives one to Jesus. Jesus is the cure for sin.

My wife and kids love me. Don’t ask me why. Affirmative action, I suppose.

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