I went to a new church this weekend with a friend I met at TDR Firearms and must say that I had a great time.  While I sat listening to the music, I scanned across the congregation and wondered how the people in this Church would fair if we had a calamity or disaster.

I remembered a passage from the Old Testament and the phrase “In the days of Noah.”   In the story, Noah spent YEARS building an arc and ultimately stocked the arc with food, animals and his family.  Eventually the rains started, and God closed the door — Noah and his family lived — everyone else died.

Those that died, did so because of disbelief and a lack of preparation.  They didn’t believe that anything bad was going to happen and failed to prepare.

DefenseFit is starting at TDR Firearms this week.  DefenseFit is firearms training with a fitness component.  It trains us to properly use our concealed firearm while under physical stress with an elevated heart rate and heavy breathing.

We might not think we need this kind of training, but statistics show that over 80% of all civilian use of force encounters end up in a fight on the ground.  DefenseFit provides you the training necessary to be prepared for this kind of encounter.