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You might be a tax protester if you wake up one morning and are suddenly ticked off about working half your day for someone else.

                I cringed when the dog sitting next to the sentry looked up.  Powering up the “starlight” scope sounds an almost unperceivable whirring sound and I knew that I needed the scope in order to take both sentries out.  The team was depending upon me.

                The mission was simple; kill everybody.  The problem was that “everybody” was a considerable larger group than the four of us tasked with the job.  Fortunately the Russians liked their vodka and things have been quiet for several weeks on this front, so sleep came easy for them.

                The dog looked up again as the silenced round zipped into the dozing guard in front of the bunk house.  He jumped up and looked towards me when the second zing caused his companion to slump in his chair.  The third zing removed any possibility that the dog would ever bark again.

                Three stealthy figures emerged from the adjacent treeline and crept towards the bunk house. It couldn’t have been any more than one or two protests before the silence returned to the night.  Mission accomplished.

My wife told me that I needed something to grab a reader’s attention at the beginning of these stories.  I couldn’t really think of anything particularly “gripping” about the tax system in our country, so I made something up.  Fact is most tax “protestors” are kind of like the dog in the story; they’ve jumped up because they sense something is wrong, but they are taken out before there is any chance that they can effectively warn anyone.

I had a crush on a girl when I was a kid; she was an “older woman” at least six months my senior and changed my life when she scolded me one day for being “so selfish.”  For the first time in my life I evaluated my motives and committed myself to living a selfless life.

Many years later the circle of life returned me to that starting point.  I made a substantial income and yet, despite the fact that the mainstream media assured me that I made more than almost every other person on the planet, I felt no comfort.  In fact, I was ticked off.  As I headed to work in my old beat up truck, and passed by the third Cadillac Escalade in a row, it was perfectly clear that the selfless life had severe limitations.

I was in that special class of person that qualified as a “taxpayer.”  This gave me the privilege of supporting my fellow citizen with the selfless act of working mostly for someone else’s benefit.  “Screw that, Comrade!”  I had an epiphany and realized my old crush was wrong (and so was my Mother); selfishness isn’t a vice; in fact it can be quite a virtue.  Little surpasses the capabilities of a man working for his own best interests.

Soon payday became more about the tax withheld than the take-home pay and I started looking for a way out.  At the time I was flying for a major airline and happened to come across another “older woman” who also changed my life (is this a trend or what?).

She told me that I wasn’t a “taxpayer.”  She told me that the Constitution was a short document that set people free, and the Internal Revenue Code was a long document (3.5 MILLION words at the time) that enslaves people.  She told me that there is no law requiring me to file a 1040 form and she told me about a group that could help me get back what I was working for.

I couldn’t believe it.  Is it possible for me to start working for myself instead of the leaches mooching every entitlement in sight?  I started reading everything I could on the subject.  I combed the internet and discovered that there is literally tens of thousands of pages of information available about why we can legally avoid the tax system and the IRS.

I read about the 16th Amendment and why it supposedly had never been ratified. I discovered that the IRS is based in Puerto Rico and not really part of the United States Federal Government.  I learned that the U.S. was bankrupt and that the Federal Reserve was established to fund the government using citizens as collateral.

These things, along with the fact that Abraham Lincoln placed the nation into martial law (and we’re still operating under it), and that the Wilson administration sold us into slavery to that corrupt international banking cartel “them” that so many of us have talked about for years made me realize that despite the fact that nearly every lawyer, CPA and judge in the United States (in the geographic sense) agree that the Internal Revenue Code is lawful, applicable and enforceable, I had become one of the hallowed members of  a cherished group bestowed with TRUTH, and charged with delivering it to the huddled masses bound by ignorance.  It was now my DUTY to sacrifice my life, my fortune, and my sacred honor, to restore FREEDOM to the Republic.

Well, you might be a tax protestor if you wake up one morning and suddenly are ticked off about working half your day for somebody else.