Why should someone in Washington state want to support a particular candidate for Governor in Montana?  Besides the fact that it allows me to become politically active in a race having candidates I believe in, it represents effort that could actually make a difference in my daily life.

Bob Fanning and Chuck Baldwin are running for Governor and Lieutenant Governor respectively.  Part of the reason I would support them is contained on their page regarding the 10th Amendment: http://fanning-baldwin.com/montana-rights/

Bob Fanning quotes the Federalist Papers and emphasized that States are to be “guardians of the rights of the citizens against encroachments from the federal government.”

I have been convinced for a number of months that the federal ballot box is incapable of fixing the nation’s problems.  First, federal elections are limited to those candidates that pass muster with the major national parties.  Second, in most cases, the federal government IS the problem.

It is also unlikely that a sufficient number of citizens nationwide would stand up against federal tyranny.  So, what options are left?  Since we live in a Republic, it is likely that the best, and perhaps the only solution is for the States to organize and execute a plan for resistance to the federal leviathan.

Imagine for a moment the potential power a state could wield against the federal government for the people’s’ benefit.  A state could protect the citizen from unlawful seizures (like those executed daily by the IRS).  In fact, the state could actually shield all state citizens from federal taxation, to include Obamacare.  The health care act is Title 26 (Internal Revenue Code) legislation, so having a means to protect citizens from the modern-day Brownshirt is important, and a state could do that.

States could reject regulation, seize so-called federal lands, limit the jurisdiction of federal agents and provide life, liberty and property protections from the most predatory entity in America, the US Government.

Instead of following the useless babblings of the Congress or the “super-committee” which are totally pointless, I choose to assist Bob Fanning and Chuck Baldwin in getting elected in Montana.