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My kids sometimes wonder why I worry about our nation.  The core of my concern comes from the fact that I have spent time in several failed nations, and was always comforted that the precursors for that failure were absent in the United States; I can no longer be comforted.

I suppose it is debatable about exactly what causes a society to fail, but it cannot be disputed that fiscal irresponsibility always exacts the lethal blow to governments.  In the United States we have an interesting concoction combining politicians content to promising something for everyone mixed with people eagerly drinking the politician’s Koolaide baked in an oven offering no earthly possibility of ever paying for it.  The recipe is aptly titled “Disaster” and constitutes a key element in post United States america.

Closely related to fiscal irresponsibility in failed governments is the cultivation of a population of dependent people.  This metric can be measured in a number of ways, but regardless of methodology we must account for both direct and indirect dependencies.  Direct dependencies are those that involve a check or benefit paid directly to an individual.  Indirect dependencies are benefits we receive at no cost.  An individual that derives benefit from the government without paying any taxes is a dependent individual.  In 2010 the United States had more people receiving benefits from the government than people paying taxes to the government.  Fifty percent of the people in this country are dependent upon the government and will not support austerity measures even if the result is total failure of the government.

Next you must have political leadership intent upon waging class warfare.  I would be amused if it were not so tragic; when a politician asserts that the group that contributes 90% of the operations funds isn’t paying their “fair share,” then class warfare is being conducted.  Obama, in typical despot fashion, is an expert in class warfare, but make no mistake, the class-warfare card is played almost as well by the republicans.

Next it is important to deprive the people of legitimate legal recourseLegal legitimacy is birthed from impartial judges.  Unfortunately judges in the United States have agenda and insist upon promoting those agenda at the courthouse.  In the final analysis, the court promotes the statist and not justice and certainly not natural rights.

Finally, you must have a political process unable to facilitate change.  We like to think that we have power in the ballot box, but ask yourself honestly, when was the last time you had a choice that you whole-heartedly supported.  Our system is rigged; not necessarily in the voting process (although conspiracy theorist would argue that computer voting has rigged it), but in the candidacy process.  The right people simply cannot participate and we are stuck with whomever the political establishment ordains and blesses.

It would be tragic if all that were at stake is the failure of the greatest national political system in the history of man.  Unfortunately, if our system fails, I fear for my kids and my grandkids, because such a failure will not be bloodless.  Tea party activist assert that we are experiencing a “bloodless revolution” but such references are hyperbole far from the truth.  Talking about fixing problems is good, but hardly a revolution, especially when the talk is void of real action.  These problems are mostly financial; as such, fixing them involves CUTS in spending, but even tea party members are unwilling to give up “their” entitlements.

The Bible states that you can not serve “God and Mammon” (money).  Similarly, we cannot serve principle and money.  If we continue to sacrifice principle for the pennies the government throws into our beggars cup, we guarantee failure, and that failure comes at a great price of money and blood.

Consider that we went to war with the King of England over taxation without representation, writs of assistance and suspension of habeas corpus, three things we have experienced since 9/11.  Liberals should consider carefully that those that cherish freedom will certainly fight for it.