Chuck Baldwin — America Has No Caesar!.

Many Americans think they will be performing their civic duty and Christian responsibility by filing a Form 1040 and submitting to the national brownshirt’s theft of 43% (national average) of their hard earned income.

Americans do not work for the IRS and should not submit to the robbery merely because it is performed by someone from the government.  As many of us complain about the rate of taxation, we ignore the real power we have to constrain government excesses.

If a few resist, then the overwhelming power of the federal government will surely slap them down, but what if everyone simply decided to no longer allow taxes to be withheld from their paychecks?  What if none of us filed 1040’s?  What if we refused to pay eggregious and unlawful taxes?  What if we nullified every single tax related jury trial?

The people have the real power in our constitutional republic and our founding fathers expected us to fear God rather than men and be willing to fight tyrants and despots just like those who now reside in Washington DC.