Chuck Baldwin — State-Owned Churches Are Killing America.

The IRS is the modern-day equivalent of Hitler’s Brownshirts.  I have spoken out against them for over a decade and feel somewhat vindicated that others are echoing my complaint.

The church has a choice; follow God or mammon — to date most churches have followed mammon.  Rarely in history has it been more important for the Church to speak out politically, yet our churches are silent.

But the 24/7 news media rings spews continuously the venemous dribble that dissolves our moral, social and political fiber.  Nevertheless, the church insists that dabbling in politics is beneath its lofty purposes.

The Scriptures contain “everything pertaining to life and godliness” and certainly speaks to our present political situation.  The church’s refusal to enter the arena is proof-positive that she has become irrelevant, having been deceived by demonic forces that God has few interest beyond a narrowly defined and politically expedient social agenda.

We must resist tryanny whenever we find it!