Our culture as well as the political arena needs an impartial referee in order to maintain a civil society.  Media with integrity has been that referee in our society and has enabled us to withstand corrupt politicians, bias judges, overbearing police and irresponsible educators.  Recently, however, research has shown that the main media outlets exhibit an increasingly liberal bias ( http://www.mrc.org/static/biasbasics/MediaBias101.aspx> ).  This research demonstrates a clear connection between the reality presented by the media and the agenda held by liberals to transform the character of our society and our political landscape. Facebook has the opportunity to hold the media accountable.  Prior to this technology we relied upon the media and political representatives to accurately reflect our views; Facebook allows all people to express their true beliefs and provides a means to aggregate those beliefs into positions able to challenge the veritable institutions who have abandoned objectivity in order to promote a political agenda.