I’m so happy to hear that the world’s most incompetent leader would have fired Tony Hayward because he stated that he wanted his life back.  Obama is apparently not a supporter of taking a person’s life back as evidenced by the “nose-to-the-grindstone” approach of Emmanuel and Biden slewing the administration’s enemies this weekend with super soakers at the VP’s estate.

It is important that his staff show the highest work ethic as they relentlessly pursue their Marxist agenda by eliminating potential obstructions through petty positions proffered in exchange for abandoning Congressional races.  Makes me wonder how many were offered that we don’t know about; but don’t worry (or should I say, “Let me be clear!”) none of this activity warrants firing.

The administration also demonstrates the highest levels of technical expertise as Dr. Steven Chu, the “Nobel Prize winning” pundit keenly spued his observation that oil was still leaking from the cap.  No obvious signs of any deficiencies in his understanding of the laws of physics and dynamics here; so he too should keep his job.

Couple that to Obama’s lightening fast response (remember that he as been on the job since day one) to get those sand bars placed, burn the excess oil, suck the rest into tankers, place organic scrubbers and hay into the water all in a gallant effort to keep those pesky tar balls off the gulf coast beaches – oh; that’s right, he is still waiting for that environmental impact statement to confirm that soaking up the oil with hay isn’t worse than the 20,000 barrels of oil per day entering the gulf current to transport the oil to Europe.

In reality I agree with Obama; Hayward has shown himself worthy of firing.  Make no mistake, however, that this President, when faced with his first substantial challenge, has shown himself to be so grossly incompetent that he should immediately resign.  I have no doubt that despite being the dumbest VP in history, Biden could do no worse because he is at least smart enough to know his limitations and let real leaders do their jobs.

I would have fired BP chief by now, Obama says – Disaster in the Gulf- msnbc.com