I think many “normal” Americans tend to think that politics is similar to an athletic competition.  This presumes that the contenders are merely on opposite sides of an objective, that they battle it out during the competition and shake hands afterwards and head out to the pizza place as friends afterwards.

If that were the case, then the Frankenstein Bride, Nancy Pelosi, would be reviewing her play book wondering what she did wrong to have caused the tide to turn so dramatically in Massachusetts.  Instead, Pelosi said, "Let’s remove all doubt, we will have health care — one way or another," ( ABC News ).

The bottom line is that Nancy Pelosi and her ilk could care less what Americans want; those communist want to fundamentally change our system of government and they know that this is the very best opportunity to do it in their lifetime.  Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will eventually die (better sooner than later); having seen the treasonous ghoul Ted Kennedy become worm food last year without completing his bucket list, so they are hell-bent upon completing the transformation of this Great Republic into the United Socialist States of America.

Pelosi isn’t a competitor, she is an ideologue.  This isn’t about the democratic party – she could care less about that.  She wants socialism and she knows that healthcare is the vehicle to get us there and will stop at nothing to pass it.  Frankly, we should also stop at nothing to remove her.