As many Conservatives sit around and commiserate aver the dismal state of political affairs it is natural to ask, “What does it take to win?”  To answer this, I will make reference to a movie I watched with my son last week, “The Red Baron.”  At one point in the film, the Baron, having been removed from flying to take a larger role in commanding the German Army, told the Emperor to retreat immediately and move to end the war.  He told the Emperor that the key to his flying successes was running away (quickly) from fights he could not win and at that point the Germans could not win the war.  The Baron was removed from his position and returned to flying; shortly thereafter the Red Baron was killed.

Am I suggesting that we retreat? Absolutely NOT!  This war is far from over, but I am suggesting that we concentrate our efforts on battles we can win.  If you despise the Healthcare Bill that Congress is trying to ram down our throats we may impulsively pick up the phone and call our Senator Murray and insist she vote against it.  Make no mistake, that is a battle we can not win.  Murray has NO INTEREST in what her constituents want.

State Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts, however, is exactly on board with our views and has made astounding progress toward becoming the next Senator from Massachusetts in a special election Tuesday to replacing the despicable menace and Chappaquiddick murderer, Ted Kennedy who died last year.  FIGHT A BATTLE WE CAN WIN; the special election is on Tuesday – YES two days from now.  Go to Brown’s web site ( ) and make a donation.  But don’t stop there, sign up to volunteer, we can make calls to Massachusetts from here.

Warriors who have read Sun Tzu understand this principle: fight battles you can win.  We can DEFEAT the Democrats in Massachusetts.  If we really care about our cause we must help Scott Brown.

Resist Tyranny wherever we find it,
Robert Welzel
Lieutenant Colonel, US Marines