Mark Levine, the syndicated talk show host and author of the extraordinary BEST SELLER, Liberty and Tyranny, spoke on politically punishing those that voted for the Cap and Trade bill.  I heartily agree – we must DESTROY any politician that voted for Cap and Trade.  Doing so will also have the added bonus of punishing those that voted for the banking bailout, the so-called stimulus package, and the other bailout bills and those that likely will vote for National Health Care.

But don’t stop at their destruction; also go after their friends and families. These jerks must feel the most extreme pain for their treasonous actions.

These supposedly elected officials have ignored their constituencies and insulted their oath to the Constitution.  No punishment is too severe.  They need to evaporate from the public arena; the sooner the better.

Mark the day; it is the beginning of the end.  If the Cap and Trade bill becomes law, life in America will fundamentally change.