The reckless TRAITOR Barak Obama has been drunk on power supposedly from a landslide election victory which granted him a political mandate to “restore” America.  But what do the elections results really say?  Obama won the popular election, but does that really mean most American’s support him?

According to The United States Election Project the voting-age population for the United States was 230,917,360 in November 2008.  CNN reported that 69,492,376 people voted for Obama.  As you can see, the Usurper’s supposed landslide was actually only 30.09%, hardly a demand by Americans to destroy the Republic and erect the United Socialist States of America.

As free people we have a duty to resist tyranny; it is time for the 70% to rise up and remove Obama and his communist cronies from office.  The first critical step in this process is a massive anti-incumbent turnout in the 2010 midterm election.  We must demonstrate our disappointment with the status quo by removing all incumbents from office.