I am no fan of liberal journalists, but we can learn a lot about political activism from them.  Naomi Wolf wrote about fascism, and although her examples might not be the same ones we would use, I think she is right on target – please know that there are very few things I would agree with her on; she is wrong socially, politically and philosophically, but she has called it correctly when observing that America is a closing society.

Read this article on the 10 Elements to Fascism:

Naomi Wolf: Fascist America, in 10 easy steps | World news | The Guardian

She also wrote a book called “Give Me Liberty” which explains various methods for political change; reading it gave me many ideas for getting her buddy Comrade Obama out of office.  In a recent blog article, Ms Wolf stated correctly that President Bush (as evidenced by recently released documents from his administration) established the legal foundation "that gave the president the legal power [to] effectively subvert the Republic.” Legal Groundwork

True Constitutionalist should never support a President simply because he came from a particular political camp.  The fact remains that President Bush could have rightfully been impeached for two particular breeches of trust: writs of assistance and suspension of Habeas Corpus (in the PATRIOT Act).  I would further add that President Bush also taxed without representation by ignoring the overwhelming support for securing our National Borders.  All in all, under the Bush Administration, the Federal Government committed at least three of the acts our founding fathers saw fit to go to war with England over.

The biggest sin, however, that President Bush committed, was failing to recognize the tremendous potential for tyranny his policies created if used by an unscrupulous President.  We now have the absolute worse of situations; a communist in the White House, with no regard for the Constitution or the rule of law (after all, he knew he wasn’t born in this country, yet took the oath of office anyways), coupled with dictatorial powers granted to him by a supposedly Conservative predecessor in response to an external threat.

Because of this double edged sword in the White House, we must guard against a totalitarian overthrow of our remaining Principles.  I submit that the best way to do this is to acknowledge the “Fourth Branch” of government; THE PEOPLE.  We need to become experts on three particular areas: IMPEACHMENT – we must know and understand every method of bringing articles of impeachment against elected Federal Officials.  Secondly, THE FULLY INFORMED JURY – every citizen must know that as a jury member they have the Constitutionally guaranteed right to judge the LAW as well as the facts.  No juror has to convict a citizen accused of violating a unjust law (like tax law, for example).  And finally, THE GRAND JURY – citizens must understand that Grand Juries not only handle indictments offered by the Prosecutor, but can also initiate their own action in the form of a PRESENTMENTS derived from their own investigation (a way for citizens to prosecute traitorous public servants).

We must never become so complacent that we are unable to think, nor so submissive that we refuse to act.

For Freedom,

Resist Tyranny