Well apparently our representatives in Congress consider us too stupid to understand that "bankin stuff" so they ignored the overwhelming number of calls in opposition to the bailout.  In fact, I understand that for periods of time they had to shut down the email servers and phone switchboards.

That sounds a lot like taxation without representation.

Well, We the People have recourse.  We need to get the word out to everyone to go to work and change their W-4’s to reflect 99 dependents (or exempt) — anything necessary to stop all withholdings.  Tell them that we won’t pay for their irresponsibility.

Listen, I understand the tax protestor stuff, this isn’t about protesting against the IRS (save that for later) this is about COMMUNICATING to Congress in a way they might UNDERSTAND.  Imagine the impact of MILLIONS of Americans STOPPING their WITHHOLDINGS.

STOP THE WITHHOLDING.  Save the withholding by buying gold or silver coins, and refuse to withhold at least until the elections and VOTE against every Congressman that voted for the bailout.


Resist Tyranny