A series of failures have occurred in America contributing to the dismal situation we face.  In order to get where we are today we needed to see the corruption of Politics (and politicians), the Courts, the Police, the Education System, and finally the Media.  All other aspects of life are intrinsically tied to these core institutions and the implosions we are seeing in the banking system today are directly related to their failures.  Recovery depends upon the appropriate application of pressure to restore these institutions to their proper balance; a free and responsible Press is the cornerstone in free societies and represents the one system we must fix first to have any hope of fixing the others.

The nature of government is to grow; George Washington understanding that government was force wrote that it was a “fearful master.”  The entire history of our country is replete with references to the tendency of government to become corrupted and the necessity of maintaining a balance of power to keep the beast within a well defined box.  Although our Federal Government attempted to leave the ranch very early in our history, the Courts always ensured that the balance was restored.  Experts disagree about the exact date or time, but none dispute that our Courts, and especially the Supreme Court departed from the traditional role of strictly interpreting the Constitution and assumed the role of a super legislator by fashioning the Constitution into a dynamic document interpreting its nature to coincide with the opinions of the Justices rather that the declared meaning of its writers.  This change precipitated the corruption of all other institutions.

Unchecked by the Courts, the politician was free to corrupt any manner and form of life.  The virulent growth into our private lives was most commonly attributed to the re-definition of the commerce clause; but the most substantial contributor was the Government and the Politician’s access to virtually unlimited monetary resources by way of an unlawful Federal Reserve and the forced withholdings of wages from the people.  Neither of these abominations was challenged by the Courts.  Under the guise of “providing for the common defense” politicians transformed the police into paramilitary forces and the Courts virtually guaranteed that these forces would not be accountable to the supreme law of the land.  Finally, the Judiciary stole the highest protection for the people by falsely representing that a Jury was to merely judge the facts and never the law.

Of course none of these things would have been possible if the people understood the most basic tenants of freedom.  Civics instruction is viewed as drudgery rather than the very foundation of our manner of life.  Somewhere education became about vocation rather than truth and understanding.  If a student can pass a standardized test, and able to get a minimum wage job, the educator’s mission is accomplished.  Whether by design or neglect, many Americans seem content to watch the latest reality craze, and live their lives vicariously through their favorite sports celebrity rather than enjoy the sweet taste of freedom and unlimited access to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The important question for the concerned citizen becomes which fire to fight when it appears that the entire neighborhood is burning?  The Media is often forgotten as an institution of reformation.  Americans are quick to malign the Media when they practiced “yellow journalism” or when they focused on the sensational rather than the true, but it seems rare for America to focus attention on restoring the integrity of the Press.  In the midst of this incredible crisis, the focus, however, must be upon truth.  Politicians are aptly capable of presenting charts and graphs allegedly representing the recovery of the nation; the Media, however, is the only institution poised to reveal the truth of these matters and to rally the passions of citizens in order to facilitate change elsewhere.  The Media becomes the cornerstone of our Republic precisely because they are the guardians of truth.

Consequently, each American should focus their resources to demand integrity in and the restoration of the Media.  We know that the Politician responds to the polls, let the polls reflect the sentiments of an informed citizen.  We also know that Judges and Police Departments respond to the pressures of public outcry; let the outcry come from Media reports of every detestable act committed.  Let parents become outraged at the educational bankruptcy accurately portrayed by a Press committed to truth.  Our Nation is in trouble and many of us want to help; start with your local Media outlet and demand the truth.


R J Welzel