I wish that I could say that I didn’t hate the IRS so much that it affects my judgment; but I would be lying.  Those scumbags represent the most reprehensible group of lowlifes I could ever imagine.

I wish I could say that there is a totally effective manner to deal with them, but despite my affinity for Pete Hendrickson, I think it is unlikely that any manner of “resistance” to the traditional view of paying the withholding, filing and paying the tax will work.

Even though some have received refunds using Pete’s methodologies, it seems that many of them get attacked to return the money refunded.  What is more, I have yet to see anyone who can provide a reasonable explanation for why some returns are refunded and other returns get “frivolous” penalties.

So, recently I have changed my perspective on the issue.  If someone is not compliant, I recommend getting compliant.  The amount of money I spent fighting them is roughly equivalent to what I would have paid, and in the final analysis, all I did was cause grief for my family.  If someone is compliant with the IRS, and has had an epiphany requiring them to fight the IRS’s tyranny, I recommend that they pursue a less traditional attack.

I see the IRS issues as multifaceted.  First, the Congress makes bad laws; we need to get rid of any Congressman or Senator that basically supports the IRS.  Secondly the Courts enforce or legislate from the bench laws supporting the IRS.  These guys need impeachment.  Finally the executive administer the whole ball of wax.

In the administration, I think we need to start making very personal attacks on the IRS employee.  I have started “the scum bag list” which is a list of any personal detail I can find on any IRS employee.  We need to publish and exploit those issues.  We need to boycott IRS employees.  We need to post their pictures around their neighborhoods identifying them as fascist; tell people not to babysit their kids, cut their grass or wash their cars.  Ask restaurants not to serve them and stores not to do business with them.  Refuse their checks.  Anything to make their lives miserable; I would even support a movement to ostracize their children at school due to the parent’s job (harsh but potentially the most effective).

Next, we need to boycott any business that work for the IRS – cleaning services, network companies, computer support services, office equipment suppliers.  We need to boycott any organization willing to do business with the IRS.

Protests and Strikes; we need to organize protest and strikes against companies that honor ANY IRS requirement to include W-4 agreements and levies.  We understand that these agreements are voluntary.  We should selectively pick a few key organizations and make life miserable for them to the point that they go to court and get a ruling that W-4 and Levies are between the IRS and the “employee”  and get it on the books that business have no obligation to deal with it at all.  Right now businesses simply comply because there is no down side.  If we make it a HUGE downside, then they may stand up and try to get themselves out of the business of being the IRS’s agent.

We need to file lawsuits against companies for complying with withholding and levy documents.  We also need to sue county recorders for filing NOFTL as real liens.

Finally, we need to get people to support these types of actions by funding them.  There have to be millions of people that reject the IRS, but are too scared to fight on their own; we need to figure out how to get contributions from them to support broader efforts to fight the IRS.  These efforts I am describing here, can be very effective, but cannot be done for free.  Imagine what could be done if 50,000 or 100,000 people were willing to contribute $10 per month to battle with the IRS.  We could launch an extremely effective campaign.

In fact, I have plans for a total media campaign that include YouTube videos, a full length re-make of “Harry’s War” an infomercial and print advertising campaign.  All it takes is money, and no one has to risk the legal implications of fighting the tax on a personal level.  I think we can get things changed, but it requires a different tactic than we have been pursuing.