This is a brief synopsis of a means of restoring confidence in the elections system while retaining the advantages of electronic voting. I believe this method could be implemented to the Alaska voting system at minimal cost.

  1. The preferable method is to print serialized ballots with the addition of a serialized tear off receipt at the bottom of the ballot.
  1. The vote can be scanned just as we do it now. The results can be tabulated just as they are at present or they can be sent via modem to a central data base.
  1. The results would then be posted to a website that voters can check to verify by serial number their vote was cast correctly. Something like an Excel spreadsheet would work in conjunction with a database to display all the election results.

There should be an independent means of filing complaints regarding disputed or question votes. A question can be resolved by pulling the serialized ballot. The receipt should have the serial, website URL and phone number to call to dispute results of a vote.

Totals can be accessed in real time if the scanners transmit via modem. Tampering will become evident very quickly. The results are available for all to see. The voter can retain anonymity with the possible exception of absentee ballots.

Touch screens might require a serialized ticket dispenser.

The results of such a system will restore confidence in electronic voting.

Provided by Chuck Green and the Libertarian Party of Alaska