I understand that many NeoCon’s like John McCain wrongly presume that Alaska is merely a colony whose only purpose is to provide resources for the empire.

Now that Sarah Palin (Alaska’s Governor) has been named as his running mate, Alaska suddenly seems to have some political clout. For a variety of reasons, I think Palin will likely clinch the election for McCain, but to think that she was the critical element in Alaska’s national political scene is a gross mistake.

Alaska has two US Senators EXACTLY like every other State in the Union. The difference in Alaska is that a US Senate seat can be won with a mere 80,000 votes. Until this year, it was rarely a factor since men like Senator Ted Stevens remained in these positions seemingly for life. This year, Senator Stevens became embroiled in controversy over the VECO corruption scandal and now that he has been indicted, has proven to be more vulnerable than ever.

Who know and cares about this? The DNC. Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich is the Democratic challenger to Senator Ted Stevens. His campaign has apparently been funded and fueled by money and volunteers from the lower 48. The DNC views Alaska’s Senate seat as easy picking in November and have consequently employed a full court press to win.

While at the Convention Center on the night of the primary a huge hoard of Begich supporters came whooping and hollering and singing great praises to the next Democratic Senator. Ironically, few of these enthusiastic supporters voted for Mark, because none of them are Alaska residents.

What irritates me about this whole mess is that the Independents, the Libertarians, and the Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty types seem completely unable to grasp the significance of the Alaska Senatorial race. So many preach the message of the necessity of a third party, while being quite literally blinded to the fact that the Independents could also win a seat in the Senate by way of the great state of Alaska for a fraction of the cost to gain the same seat in the lower 48.

There is EXACTLY one true conservative and Constitutionalist running for US Senate in Alaska; the Alaskan Independence Party candidate Bob Bird. Bird could actually win this election, in a classic David and Goliath (x2) battle. But I must say the likelihood of him doing so with so few resources is unlikely. Even David went to a nearby stream and gathered stones to take to the battleground. In our case, however, the nearby stream of lower 48 states seems unwilling to produce anything but the smallest of pebbles and gravel.

So, what would it take for people in the lower 48 to wake up and say, “Hey we can pick up a seat in Alaska?” I encourage anyone to take just a few minutes and check out Bird’s web site at www.BobBird2008.com and then rally the troops to support those candidates that actually have a chance of winning.