I have to admit that I am hesitant to post this because it sounds so absolutely bizarre, but here goes.

As you all know, Alaska US Senator Ted Stevens was indicted for corruption in conjunction with his business dealings with VECO, Corp.  Interesting news but not particularly applicable to me…or is it.

I am the Campaign Manager for one of Ted’s opponents, Mr. Bob Bird.  Mr. Bird ran against Ted in the past and gave him quite a run.

I took my oath to “defend and protect the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic,” so, after I retired as a Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel, I set my sights on the IRS, the mother of all fascist organizations and filed several law suits against them and look forward to meeting those Gestapo scum bags in court.

Well, after signing on to Mr. Bird’s campaign, the IRS started to take a much more proactive approach to their “enforcement actions” against me.  They successively seized bank account assets, garnished my wages, issued summons to company holding my retirement accounts and became the general pains in the ass they seem to enjoy so much.

Well, I started searching around to see what I could learn about Ms. Peggy Ann Doty, the Revenue Officer extraordinary assigned to my case.  She is quite a work of art, so much so that I am looking for a good picture of her, I intend to frame it with a “WANTED for Collaborating with Fascist Organizations” and distribute them around town.

Much to my surprise, I discovered that she is a documented TED STEVENS supporter.  Now that is a rare bird, because most of the IRS employees annotated on the FEC’s web site contribute to Democrats, so this caught my attention.

I decided to use Google Map to look up her address and I almost fell out of my seat.  You will never guess where this IRS hangs their hats in Anchorage…the VECO Building.  So my little brain started reeling.  It seems to me the perhaps Senator Stevens was intimately interested in more than one VECO construction project.  Is it possible that he directed any number of Federal clients to his buddies at VECO in exchange for their continued support?

Is it pure coincidence that one of those beneficent federal agencies just happened to be the IRS.  And there certainly can be no relationship to the longstanding love and devotion Ms. Peggy Ann Doty has shown to Senator Ted Stevens and the vicious IRS attacks on one of Uncle Ted’s political rivals.

Once I figure out how to handle this, I intend to file a criminal complaint against her and call for a corruption investigation to review every case she has ever worked.  I also intend to call the Federal Prosecutor and ask him to investigate the link between VECO, Senator Stevens and the Federal agencies occupying the VECO building.