Well we had quite an experience last night. Before I get to that, however, let me back up a couple of days.  Sometime Friday night, some punks, thugs or hoodlums broke into my son’s car and stole most of what was in it.

Part of the “booty” was his spare keys which include keys to the house.  So we changed the locks on the house, and had to wait for the insurance company to approve the key change on the car.

Sunday night they must have visited again, because Monday morning his truck was unlocked again.

Long story short, Tuesday night they stole the truck.  It is loud, so when they fired it up, my son woke up; he grabbed a gun and bravely (although maybe not too smart) headed outside to protect his mom, dad, sister, infant nephew and 3 year old niece from these brazen CRIMINALS who have now been back 3 times.

As they drove off, he fired upon them (I have to make this necessarily vague).  In any event, now the third report to the police FINALLY brought them to the house since shots had been fired.  The police officer were great, but the fact remains that they were most likely investigating MY SON for the firearm discharge.

Thankfully they recovered the vehicle and caught 3 of the 5 THUGS (DRESSED ENTIRELY IN BLACK).  Of course we had no way of knowing, but it turns out the three caught were all minors, and police informed me that they will likely be FREE before the end of the day.  Now, I will have 5 pissed off criminals on the streets (probably planning their 4th visit to my house) and the police have MY GUN.  Finally, I am fearful that my law abiding son (interested only in protecting his FAMILY and property) will be arrested and charged.

Now that’s freedom.

Resist Tyranny,