In my last article I mentioned that I believed that the IRS represented the precursor to a form of organized “thugs” representing the paramilitary forces required by a would-be tyrant to over throw a free democracy and establish a totalitarian regime.  Even if it is a stretch to imagine the IRS morphing into a contemporary form of “Brownshirt” or Gestapo, we must recognize that the IRS is one of the premiere “legal” syndicates in the annuls of organized crime.

The Executive Branch has seen fit to equip the IRS with the tools any mafia boss would love to have.  Their rules (especially “policy” and “ruling” letters) are arbitrary, their enforcers are anonymous, their actions are “administrative” and therefore require no due process, they have their own “courts,” the tax court appropriately seated with IRS employees as “judges,” all penalties, fines and fees, MUST be paid prior to appeal to any real court and finally they have deceived nearly every employer, official, judge and citizen that they have near absolute authority to assess “taxes” and then seize any manner of private property to satisfy the assessment.  Any criminal boss must admire those who conceived and developed the IRS; to them it must be a beautiful thing.

Well, no dictator has ever risen to power without minions to do his bidding.  As citizens of our great Republic, it is important we RESIST the tyranny represented by the IRS and re-assert our rightful place as masters over our servant government.  An excellent place to start that effort is right down the street at your local IRS office.

I recently read “Confessions of a Tax Collector” chronicling the evolution of a group of IRS Revenue Officers (RO’s) in  Florida.  One thing was abundantly clear; the type of individual that excels as an RO is a total loser in real life.  They are typically unsuccessful, unfulfilled and angry; perfect candidates for the aspiring despot to draw his storm troopers from.

My experience with RO’s confirms that evaluation.  One thing the Marine Corps taught me about bullies, though is that they are essentially cowards and standing up to them forces them to scurry back into the sewers they came from.  Since the IRS is institutionalized and supported by the executive branch of the Federal government, however, guarantees that resisting them will not be easy, cheap or quick.

Since our goal in resisting tyranny is to prevent despotism from developing, I suggest we adopt a policy of intimidation with respect to IRS employees.  We need to teach these scum bags to fear, but since we are restrained by laws, we must resort only to legal intimidation.

First, and foremost, we need to remove the veil from these cowards.  If you can stomach it, go and meet with your local RO.  Once you know what they look like, take a couple of pictures of them and Photoshop appropriate ones into a “mug shot” photo complete with a name board identifying their pseudonym and labeling them “Collaborator.”  Widely publish this picture around the neighborhood; provide an email address for citizens to send their real identity to.

Encourage EVERYONE to boycott this “legal criminal.”  Make it difficult for them to find babysitters, or people to wash their cars or cut their lawns.  Ask business owners to refuse services to them.  Distribute their mug shots to anyone who will take one.

Study up on how local advocacy groups treat sex offenders that move into family neighborhoods.  The legal tactics they employ to make life miserable for sex offenders are perfect examples of the tactics that should be used on each and every IRS employee.  These losers think they are serving some common good; we need to remind them that there is no honor is serving tyranny.

For those reading this who own their own businesses, you need to absolutely refuse to do any manner of business with the IRS.  We may not be able to keep the IRS rodents from nesting in our cities, but we don’t need to clean their buildings, maintain their office equipment, sell them paper, pencils and office supplies, contract or be friendly with them.  This can be especially effective if you suddenly drop your contract for some essential task like maintaining their computers or networks, or keeping their air conditioners running.

The bottom line is that citizens don’t support fascists.  Do everything in your power to make life difficult for them.  Most IRS employees have never enjoyed pride in life, and their employer knows it and consequently strokes their egos.  We need to magnify the pain of their miserable existence and let them wallow in shame.  Maybe then people will resist working for this despicable bureaucracy and we will have triumphed in placing a nail in the coffin of despotism.