I recently read Naomi Wolf’s book “End of America” which describes the “slide towards fascism” and chronicles the ten steps that all open democracies go through before transforming into closed, dictatorial regimes.

Admittedly, Ms. Wolf is a liberal Democrat, and I being a conservative Republican know that there are many things we will simply never agree on.  Despite this, however, I found the book engaging and a WELCOME warning to patriots across the country.  We all need this short primer in our libraries.

The book had me thinking about many aspects of my own project about emerging dictatorships www.TryannyDemandsResistance.com (the site isn’t up yet, but I am making progress).

As the site’s name alludes, I advocate resisting tyranny; in the United States, I think it means measured resistive efforts to prevent us from becoming a fascist state.  Naomi Wolf speaks of the development of a paramilitary force outside the rule of law.  One of the things I think she misses is that the IRS has existed in the US for years under both Republican and Democratic administrations and meets every single criteria she uses to categorize the “thugs” and hooligans used by totalitarian regimes to manipulate and control the people.

In keeping with my theme, I think it is our DUTY as citizens to resist the IRS to return our country to the rule of law.  I can give many examples of ways that the IRS subverts the rule of law, but I will limit it to these three items.

1.  The IRS can direct any employer to seize any citizens resources (their pay check) without ANY judicial oversight.  NO DUE PROCESS.

2.  The “code” or Internal Revenue Code is entirely drafted by the IRS, and is essentially incomprehensible by anyone.  This creates an environment of fear that causes citizens to “overcompensate” to ensure compliance with the code.  This hardly represents the rule of law since is can be manipulated to become entirely arbitrary.

3.  “Revenue Officers” often use pseudonyms.  I can think of no other organization that so readily develops false identities for routine employees with the possible exception of the CIA, and their use is to protect foreign operatives from foreign governments, not local workers from citizens.  Why is this necessary?  I hate paying higher gas prices, but my local gas retailer doesn’t need to shield his identity to charge me.  I firmly believe that the IRS provides anonymity to their agents so that the agents can feel free to operate viscously and without conscience for an unlawful and corrupt executive agency.

My next entry will give some details about resisting these IRS employees.

Let freedom Reign,

Resist Tyranny