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I have to wonder why the main stream media and the politicians keep telling us that the worst has past when people across the country seem to know that the the worst is yet to come.

Would we collectively have so dramatic a paradigm shift if we knew that we were over the hump?  I can’t help but believe that we all know that the country has dramatically changed and are tightening our belts in anticipation of more bad news.

When you add these subtle signs to the new FISA Amendments, expansion of the PATRIOT Act, implosion of our fiat currency and the most dismal political landscape in dozens of years, it isn’t too hard to imagine that absolute despotism isn’t far around the corner.

We must resist these changes in exactly the same manner that our founding fathers did.  They withheld the tax until their grievances were address.  Join me in resisting because Tyranny Demands Resistance.