John and Jessica finally made it here, and we scheduled a 4-5 hour cruise in the Prince Williams Sound.

On the way to Whittier, AK where the cruise started, we stopped at the the Alaska Conservatory to check out some local wildlife.

The eagles were out this time: DSC00295(1) Cropped


One of the moose wanted some attention; after Veronika rubbed his neck, he kept pushing on the fence.  He really intimidated Veronika, she yelled, "Don’t you push at me!"

DSC00326(1) Cropped DSC00328(1) Cropped

John had to get into the action:


We decided to take a group photo while waiting to enter the tunnel to Whittier:


John and Jessica in front of the ship: DSC00356


DSC00367   Veronika didn’t like the wind

John: DSC00387(1) Cropped DSC00454

One of the glaciers:DSC00421 DSC00411 DSC00498 DSC00510 DSC00514

DSC00543(1) Cropped DSC00530(1) Cropped

DSC00570(1) Cropped


The Captain wanted to see Veronika: