We stayed in Houston, British Columbia, Canada last night. Adam was up every few minutes. He said he was restless, was checking to see that Veronika was covered up, was putting our blankets back on, was uncomfortable and various other excuses. I think he was experiencing withdrawal symptoms since we didn’t have a cell phone signal and he hadn’t spoken to Jen for more than 10 or 20 nanoseconds.

I asked him to get Veronika dressed and to take her to the restaurant while I packed the car. I arrived a few minutes later, just in time to watch him cut up Veronika’s breakfast. He gently sliced through the link sausage for his little girl and was rewarded by a giant squirt of grease onto his clean shirt. I think he’s starting to lighten up because he just rolled his eyes, rubbed the spot and continued to eat.

Lisa adamantly insisted that she didn’t want anything from the restaurant. As years of experience have taught me, I ignored her admonitions and got her an all grain bagel with cream cheese. After getting her some coffee to go from the nearby 7-Eleven, I handed the bagel to her and ducked. She missed, but I almost busted my a** trying to dodge her assault for offering the bagel. About 10 miles down the road, I pulled off a small piece of the bagel for Veronika; a fight ensued as Lisa wrestled the scrap of bagel from Veronika. Veronika retorted with a “Mine! Mine! Mine!” I whispered to Adam that in a few minutes Lisa would ask for the rest of the bagel and find some reason to blame me for her not getting it sooner.

Before I even finished speaking, Lisa asked for the bagel, saying that she thought I said granola bar. I can see that because granola bar definitely rhymes with all grain bagel.