Towns in British Columbia have funny names like 150 Mile House and 90 Mile House, and 100 Mile House. I think the Canadian’s ran out of money and couldn’t buy anymore vowels so they had to just use numbers.

We finally got the truck packed and I asked Adam if he wanted to drive or navigate; “IIIII WIIILLLL DRIVE” spewed forth. So I guess I’ll navigate today. Our first stop was the A&W Root Beer across the street for breakfast. I got a “Country Ham and Egger” turns out it was Spam and Eggs on a bun with a slice of tomato. We all got some fine gourmet coffee; Adam need two of them, he needed a large coffee, “hold the water, extra sweetener.” Several gulps later he asked us if anyone else’s coffee sucked. He noted that he thought it would get better on the next sip, but never did.

We were also listening to an XM radio advertisement about voting. It was one for conservative to get out and vote and made mention of “humus eating liberals,” Adam turned to me in amazement asking what was wrong with humus;

I rest my case.