Well it’s hump day; we are over half way through this trip. It has been the hardest day, I think everyone is getting a little tense. We stopped a little early today because it was raining, cold and getting dark. I really wanted to press on, but Veronika was beside herself, Adam had already resorted to using V’s pacifier and Lisa kept zapping me with the evil eye.

So we got gas; oh and speaking of gas, Samson had plenty of it. I opened the tailgate and was hit so hard by stench that it left a mark. We had a pretty nice hotel room, but since Samson stubbornly refused to take a dump, we were blessed with manna from Samson every few minutes. Finally he started to whimper around midnight, I took him out and he finally expelled the evil within outside in the parking lot.

Hmmm, I lost my train of thought…as I was saying, we got gas, and checked into a hotel with an indoor pool and spa. I took Veronika to the pool while Adam dazed into the heavens looking for a cell phone signal to call his beloved bride (for about the thousandth time today). He joined us later, and I think he finally relaxed for the first time in the hot tub. I expected to have to call the mountain rescue patrol to get him out. Veronika, however, was less enthusiastic with the pool. She finally poked a foot into the hot tub and splashed around a bit.

Dinner was a thing of beauty. We went to the hotel restaurant and Veronika put on a floor show for the other guests. She started after seeing her silverware with an opera, I am not an opera enthusiast, but I think the one she sang was ‘Mine!” or maybe “Mine!, Mine!, Mine!” it might have even been “Minekoff!” Afterwards, she did a dancing and gymnastics routine. I think the older couple sitting next to us was really impressed; they cheered when Veronika leaped in the chair and threw the “My Little Pony” figurine into the audience.

At last dinner was served; Adam gave Veronica all of the parts of his chicken fajitas and then carefully prepared his first fajita. Veronika took one look at the masterpiece he had created and promptly declared, “Mine!” Adam went to bed without dinner. I conducted an experiment with barbeque sauce on chicken jerky. They thought they could fool me by naming it “BBQ Chicken” on the menu, but I have a discerning palette, and instantly recognized it as jerky since the entire beast was completely void of all moisture. Lisa got an excellent Caesar salad and onion soup (I got an onion soup too). The soup was really good.