I really don’t think this qualifies for a second day because Veronika didn’t sleep 5 minutes the entire night. Grandpa was trying his new “kid friendly” travel ideas, so about an hour prior to bed I gave her a granola candy bar. Of course Jen would kill me if she new because sugar is strictly taboo in their house; now grandpa know why. Veronika was about as spooled up as I have ever seen a child. She jumped on the bed and proceeded to keep everyone awake all night.

Fortunately, after staying awake all night, we were well prepared for a full day of driving. Veronika did her part too; we got about 10 feet out of the parking lot when she fell asleep. It was better that way because I was bumming that I was standing right next to a Deny’s and I had to have a day old bagel for breakfast.

Finally we made it into Oklahoma; it reminded me of the old country and western song “You’re the reason God made Oklahoma” and realized she must have been butt ugly so that God would have to create someplace to make her look good. I was glad we had the GPS system working because I had originally planned on relying upon Lisa’s driving directions. But then she told me to turn left at the tower thingy and I realized I was in trouble.

The GPS worked really well to get to Butch’s place; he’s doing a great job of hiding from everyone…he doesn’t really have an address…we used latitude and longitude to find his place.

It is a great place.