I am trying to put some thoughts together during our trip to Alaska.  Many of these entries are typed while driving, and then cut and pasted into the bloag, so the blog date doesn’t accurately reflect the entry.  I am including the entry date in the text.


As some background; I have been relocated to Anchorage, AK from Memphis, TN.  We are driving to Anchorage because we can’t fly our Great Dane (191 pounds) up there.  My son-in-law Adam and grand-daughter Veronika are accompanying us.


We thought about blogging this after we started the trip, so we didn’t take the still photos that would have made it more interesting.  Hopefully things will get better as we go…


10/20/2006 5:00PM


Well they finally finished packing up the house.  We let the movers take some of the things we were leaving; it was like sharks on fresh meat.  I’m glad the dog was sleeping…I would want him to see such behavior.  It was kind of sad to leave Samson in the house as Lisa and I left for the hotel.  I think he was comforted by the fact that some of our things were still there.